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20 Bekins Kelowna Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Posted on September 09, 2020

Rejoice that your belongings have arrived safely by using our moving tips.

Rejoice that your belongings have arrived safely by using our moving tips.

Moving is fun, said no one ever. However, it is one of life’s big steps. Whether you’ve purchased a new house, or are heading off to university or college, or are getting your first apartment with your best friend, our professional moving company in Kelowna offers these 20 moving tips to help you move into your new abode — with your celebratory wine glasses and smiles still intact! 


1. Book your household movers in Kelowna at least 1-3 months in advance of your moving date. If this is not possible, see how Bekins Kelowna's last-minute moving services can help you in a pinch.

2. Contact all utility companies (phone, cable, hydro, gas) as well as the post office as soon as you know your new address to avoid service delays.

table-taking-photoImagine where your furnishings will go by taking photos in your new home.

3. If possible, see if you can visit your new home or rental before you move and take photos of all the rooms. This will help you figure where furnishings should go and whether everything you own will fit.

4. Give yourself lots of time to pack your belongings. If you find yourself with little time to pack or are unable to do the job on your own, contact Bekins Kelowna moving company about their content packing and unpacking services.

5. Go from room-to-room when packing. Start in your garage, storage shed, and attic, then move to your basement, rec room, and bedrooms. End by packing your most-used rooms, such as your bathroom and kitchen.

lady-holding-hangersLessen your packing load by donating clothing you no longer want

6. Purge items that you no longer want or need by donating them or selling them online.

7. Save on packing materials by padding fragile items in clothing. Extra tip: Use clean socks to pack your glasses and stemware.

8. Use liquor store wine or beer boxes, with handles, to pack stemware, glasses, vases, wine bottles.

9 Use suitcases, laundry bins, and baskets to move non-fragile items.

10. Pack sweaters, T-shirts and other folded clothing in dresser drawers in place of boxes.

box of clothes  Use clear bags to wrap clothes on their hangers.

11. Wrap clothes contained within closets in clear bags. Leave the opening on top for hanger hooks and then seal the bag around the hangers with an elastic, ribbon, or tie. 

12.  Save room and protect your seasonal clothing by placing items in vacuum-sealed bags.

13.  Prioritize important items by placing them in a container that is different from the rest i.e. a clear container.

14.  Take a photo of the back of your TVs, stereo, computer and other electronics to remember where cables and USB cords connect.

tv boxTry to use original packaging when moving TVs and computer screens

15. Pack electronics in their original boxes, if possible, and label all accompanying cords and cables.

16.  Label all containers, boxes, and bags. Write down what is contained within the box and what room it should be moved to. 

17.  Colour coordinate labels to match what room boxes should go to.

fragile-itemsLabelling boxes as fragile will ensure they are handled with care.

18. Make sure to label which items are fragile so that your Kelowna movers know to take extra care. 

19. Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials for your moving day. Don’t forget diapers, bottles, and snacks if you are moving with infants or young children.

20. Check every room in your old home to make sure everything is packed before your moving company in Kelowna arrives.


For more moving tips, read How to Screen a New Roommate, Before Moving in Together.


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