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3 Reasons to Let a Moving Company Handle Your Pool Table

A professional Vernon moving company will ensure your pool table is disassembled and reassembled to a high standard at your new home.

A professional Vernon moving company will ensure your pool table is disassembled and reassembled to a high standard at your new home.

Playing a game of pool in your own home is a fun way to entertain friends and catch up on old times while enjoying a beverage. They’re great when you have space to set them up, but they can be troublesome when you need to move. In the event that you have to relocate, it might be worth considering a Vernon moving company rather than handling it alone. 

A quality new pool table can easily cost a few thousand dollars for a basic model, and prices go up from there. Given the significance of the investment, it makes sense to hire professional movers for the job. When you take a closer look at what’s involved, you’ll understand why.

1. Pool Tables Are Seriously Heavy

Have you ever tried to lift the corner of a pool table? Did you succeed? Now imagine lifting the entire thing. A typical 8x4-foot pool table for home use can weigh anywhere from 650 to 900 pounds (or more depending on the model)!

Even if you have the proper equipment to transport a pool table, it will require a fair bit of manpower just to lift the individual components. After all, it’s better for the pool table (and your friends’ backs) if you take it apart before moving it.

In addition to being heavy, pool tables are also:

  • Bulky
  • Wide
  • Surprisingly delicate 

That’s because the main component is made of slate rock, which, if handled incorrectly, could chip, crack, or break. In high-end pool tables, the slate could come in one piece. Not only will this weigh a lot, but it’s also unwieldy.

 2. Disassembly and Reassembly

Dismantling a pool table is hardly a straightforward process. It’s certainly not as easy as taking apart a kitchen table for transport. Unless you’ve done it before, there are many potential pitfalls associated with disassembling, transporting and reassembling a pool table on your own:

  • Losing parts
  • Breaking the slate
  • Tearing the felt
  • Damage during transport
  • Improper reassembly

The last thing you want is to rack your billiards balls at your new home, only to watch them roll across your table because it’s warped or slanted. By hiring a local moving company that has experience in moving pool tables and other specialty items, you can be assured that your table will be handled with care and skill throughout each step of the process. This includes:

  • Protecting the slate in custom crates
  • Carefully removing the felt
  • Cataloguing each piece for correct reassembly

 3. Long Distance Considerations

You might be wondering who will reassemble your pool table when you move across the country. By choosing a reputable Vernon moving company with national and international connections, they will source a trustworthy outfit on the other end of your move to reassemble your table to professional standards so you can enjoy your pool table for years to come.

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