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Commercial Movers Offer 4 Tips to Stay Productive While Moving Office

Working with commercial movers is one way to ensure productivity suffers minimal disruption during an office relocation.

Working with commercial movers is one way to ensure productivity suffers minimal disruption during an office relocation.

Companies of all sizes rely on commercial movers to pull off worry-free office relocations. To avoid costly confusion and to minimize downtime, it requires careful planning. Your moving company will have the experience to guide you along the way, but ultimately, no one knows the needs of your business quite like you.

By taking your insight and applying it to the following moving tips from our Kelowna movers, you will be well positioned to hit the ground running at your new office.


  1. Don’t Delay the Planning Process

Companies relocate for many reasons, including:

  • Current office is too small or lacks functionality
  • Moving from commercial lease to owning a property
  • Moving to a more desirable location

As soon as you set your sights on a new office, it’s important to begin the planning process and consider which moving services you’ll require. How are you physically going to move your: 

  • Staff
  • Office equipment
  • Inventory or raw materials
  • Production facilities

Even for small businesses, it can take months to coordinate a move. For larger operations, it will take longer still.


  1. Utilize Your Staff

As the saying goes: ‘Many hands make light work.’ As the time for your move approaches, you can instruct your staff members to begin packing their personal belongings so that they’re ready for your commercial movers.

Have them start with the items that are used less frequently, leaving only the things they need to keep working. That way, they’ll be able to remain productive right up until the actual moving day. 

Another effective strategy is to enlist the help of a senior employee to act as a moving liaison between your:

  • Kelowna movers
  • Staff
  • Property managers

Better yet, appoint one person to handle the logistics at your current location, and another to coordinate things at the new office. On moving day, this ensures you’ll have someone overseeing the process at each location (you can’t be in two places at once).


  1. Work with Professional Commercial Movers

There are plenty of outfits that claim to have experience in office relocations. Rather than take them at their word, do a little digging to see if they have the credentials to handle your move efficiently. This includes: 

  • Seeking referrals from other companies
  • Getting multiple moving quotes
  • Ensuring they have the necessary equipment and manpower


  1. Coordinate with Property Managers

If you’re moving into (or from) a lease property, work out a moving schedule with the manager. Find out if you’re restricted to moving during office hours only, or if you can do it after hours. Other things to ask include:

  • Can you use their loading docks and elevators?
  • Will you be required to use temporary floor protection?
  • Can your IT department begin setting up your network right away?


If you’re a business moving to a different city, read our post: Business Moving: Tips from Long Distance Movers Canada Companies Trust.


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