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Kamloops Movers Give Tips for Cutting Long Distance Moving Costs

For long distance moves, selling your vehicle is one way you can reduce the quote you receive from your Kamloops movers.

For long distance moves, selling your vehicle is one way you can reduce the quote you receive from your Kamloops movers.

Our Kamloops movers often get asked if there are any ways you can save money on a long distance move. It’s a valid question because, compared to a local move, relocating long distances inevitably incurs higher costs.

Whether you’re moving just one province over, or you’re going clear across to the Maritime Provinces, here are a few helpful suggestions that could help you save money on your moving quote.


Talk to Your Moving Company

Every home is different and, therefore, every moving quote will be different, too. When you’re talking to your moving company, don’t be afraid to ask them if there are any ways you can lower the cost of moving. Basically, you’re looking for ways to:

  • Improve access to your house
  • Reduce mover workload and complexity
  • Save time


Do Some of the Legwork Yourself

If you have the time, energy and a few willing friends, you can take care of a big chunk of the workload yourself. After all, the less your Kamloops movers have to do, the more you save.

Anything you can do to have your belongings ready to load on the ground floor will be advantageous. This would include things like:

  • Furniture
  • Beds
  • Moving boxes

Of course, it’s important to understand that you might be better off leaving the heavier items to a professional mover. The last thing you want is to damage the item, your house or yourself in the process.


Ship Less Stuff

Long distance moving quotes are typically based on weight. The less you bring with you, the less you pay. It really is that easy.

The benefit of moving is that it forces you to go through your belongings. It’s the perfect time to assess what you want to keep and what can be:

  • Sold
  • Given away
  • Thrown out

To get rid of your excess possessions, hold a garage sale or post items on buy-sell websites like Kijiji. Any money you make can be put towards your moving costs.

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Get Rid of Your Vehicle

Unless you have a particular attachment to your vehicle, it might not be worth the hassle to move it. If you’re moving from BC to Alberta (or one of the prairie provinces), you could probably drive it yourself with no problem. But if you’re moving further afield, it becomes a little more problematic because:

  • You might not have time to drive it yourself
  • The cost of shipping a vehicle can be expensive


Potential Tax Credits

If you’re moving for either work or as a full-time student, the Canada Revenue Agency allows you to deduct moving expenses on your income tax. This includes things like:

  • Transportation and storage costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Temporary living expenses
  • Lease cancellations
  • Incidentals (address changes, utility hookups etc.)


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