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Let Moving Companies Pack for You

The moving companies Kelowna residents choose to work with always have the necessary packing supplies to do the job right.

The moving companies Kelowna residents choose to work with always have the necessary packing supplies to do the job right.

To pack or not to pack, that is the question. Or perhaps a better question would be: “Should I pack my belongings myself or leave it to the moving companies Kelowna homeowners recommend for their professionalism and efficiency?”

When moving to a new home, you already have a lot on your plate. Anytime you can delegate an item on your endless task list to someone else, you:

  • Free up time for other things
  • Are less likely to get stressed out
  • Save yourself from overexertion

But aside from preserving your sanity and physical well-being while moving, there are other practical reasons for leaving the packing of your household items to moving companies Kelowna residents turn to most frequently.


  1. You Left It too Late

It’s amazing how quickly time can get away on you. It felt like just yesterday that you were closing the deal on your new house… only it was more than a month ago! If you’re behind on your moving checklist, moving companies can take on the task of packing for you.

Hiring professional movers to do your packing is also a way to get things moving quickly for a last-minute move.


  1. Movers Know What They’re Doing

Kelowna movers have the experience and skill to pack your belongings:

  • Safely
  • Quickly
  • Efficiently

A moving company can pack up your home in about half the time it would take you. They also know which types of packing supplies to use for which items, and they take extra care when handling fragile items so they arrive intact.


  1. Movers Use Quality Packing Supplies

There’s nothing more frustrating than packing what you thought was a sturdy cardboard box, only to have the bottom fall out when you lift it. Professional movers come armed with a range of purpose-made packing materials to protect every imaginable item in your home, including:

  • Mattress bags
  • Specialty cartons for fragile items (mirrors, TVs etc)
  • Wood crating for artwork and high-value items

To save a bit of money, many homeowners will choose the pack their non-fragile items themselves, leaving the breakables to the professionals.


  1. Movers Can Pack and Move Large Items

There are some items in your home that require a combination of strength, equipment and know-how to move. For instance, a hot tub, even when empty, would require upwards of six strong backs just to lift it. If you have to negotiate any corners, changes in grade or uneven ground, it only adds to the complexity.

By using professionals who have experience as hot tub and piano movers, you’ll be at ease knowing these large, cumbersome items are being handled in a way that protects your home as well.


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