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Long Distance Movers Offer Tips for the Days Leading up to a Move

Seeking advice from your long distance movers will help ensure you’re as prepared as possible in the week leading up to moving day.

Seeking advice from your long distance movers will help ensure you’re as prepared as possible in the week leading up to moving day.

When it comes to planning a move, homeowners place a major emphasis on moving day itself. While this is vital for obvious reasons, most professional long distance movers agree that it’s equally important to take care of several key tasks leading up to the big day.

By being mindful of what needs to happen ahead of time, you stand a better chance of experiencing a smooth, worry-free move. Here is a moving checklist to help you prepare.


Prepare Your Freezer and Fridge

Whether you’re taking your major appliances with you, or you’re leaving them behind for the new homeowners, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re clean. Additionally, you want your freezers to be defrosted and dry. Failing to do so could:

  • Lead to a moldy, musty smelling freezer
  • Leak liquid onto other stored items
  • Cause renters to lose their damage deposit


Eat What You’ve Got

Fridges and freezers are a major convenience because they store food for weeks, or even months at a time. However, whatever you have left come moving day will either have to be:

  • Taken with you (added moving expense)
  • Thrown out (wasteful)
  • Given away

To prevent unnecessary waste, make a point of using this food up. If you have any casseroles tucked away, it’ll make for easy meal preparation so you can attend to other items on your moving checklist (we like moving tips like this because they help you save time and money).


Redirect Your Mail

While Canada Post’s mail redirection service is quite dependable, you don’t want to rely on it completely. Instead, make a list of the people and organizations you continually receive mail from and notify them of your upcoming move. This would include: 

  • Utility providers (schedule a reconnection while you’re at it)
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Government agencies
  • Member affiliations
  • Work-related correspondence

Once redirected mail begins to arrive at your new address, you can notify these companies as well.


Assemble Important Documents

One of the best moving tips that long distance movers can offer is this: have all of your key moving documents close at hand. By gathering them before you move, you won’t be left scrambling on moving day. Also, keep them in a safe location, such as a folder in a briefcase or carry-on bag. Typical items for a long distance move will include:

  • Travel documents (passports, airline tickets, directions)
  • Key contact information for your long distance movers
  • Moving agreement
  • Other important papers


Charge Portable Electronic Devices

In this day and age, it’s common to have some of the aforementioned documents stored on smartphones and other devices. Make sure they’re fully charged before you depart, and keep your chargers handy throughout your trip.


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