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Lessen the Burden: 3 Ways to Prepare for Last Minute Movers

Last minute movers can have you packed and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Last minute movers can have you packed and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Your bags are almost packed, you’re nearly ready to go… and then you get the call. That truck you booked on your moving day is now unavailable due to a scheduling mix-up.

First of all, don’t panic. Breathe. There is a solution. It starts with booking trust-worthy last minute movers to help you with all your heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on tying up all those loose ends.

Here are 3 ways to lessen the burden and prepare for your moving company.


1. Look for a credentialed moving company

You may have wanted to save a few bucks by DIY moving, but that hasn’t worked out, and now you need to find last minute movers stat. Do your homework and follow these steps:

  • Get advice. Read reviews and testimonials by others who have been in the same situation
  • Read the company’s policy on unexpected moving costs
  • Speak directly with a company team member about your needs
  • Get everything in writing


2. Sort, pack, seek help

Sorting and packing usually takes up the most time when you are moving, but with the rescheduling of your move, now you really have to hustle.
Organization is key. Make sure everything is well marked. Use garbage bags for items such as clothing or linens that don’t need extra protection.

If all else fails, you can always seek help by hiring professional packers and movers. Once everything is sorted, a packing service will be at your home a day or two before your moving day and will have everything – from dishes to clothes – safely packed and protected, and ready to be loaded onto the truck. The service can also unload the contents at your new location, lessening the burden even more.


3. Pass the cleaning on to the professionals 

Your last minute movers have arrived, and now you only have a few hours to get everything cleaned before you have to pass the keys over to the new occupants. Instead of taking the job on yourself, seek the help of professional cleaners.

For the cost of $40-$50/hour on average for an individual or $80-$120/hour for a professional cleaning team, you can have your old residence scrubbed from top to bottom, including the oven. Consider hiring a professional cleaning team if you need to get the job done faster. Although they may charge more per hour, they will have the job done that much quicker.

Looking for a sure-fire method to help you organize, read our blog on the KonMari method: Tips to Help You Declutter Before Your Last Minute Movers Arrive.


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