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Business on the Move: 4 Things to Do When Hiring Commercial Movers

There are a number of steps an office should take when hiring commercial movers.

There are a number of steps an office should take when hiring commercial movers.

When moving an office or a business to a new location, there are a number of things that can go right and then there are the things that can go wrong.

From moving your vending machine in one piece to being able to find your stapler in the multitude of boxes at your new location, steer yourself towards commercial movers you can trust to move your place of business efficiently and without added stress.

 Here’s what to look for when hiring commercial movers:


1. Is the moving company reputable?

For any office or business looking to use a moving company, it’s wise to do your homework before making a bid for service or signing any contracts:

  • Check with other companies that have used moving services to get their experiences.
  • Call from a list of moving companies and ask specific questions about what services they offer
  • See if the company is a member of a certified moving association such as the Canadian Association of Movers
  • Enquire with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company is accredited and what rating it has received and if it has had any complaints filed against it
  • Check with your provincial government’s consumer protection agency, such as Consumer Protection BC, and visit the Government of Canada’s office of Consumer Affairs Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company


2. Get a few estimates before choosing

Now that you’ve done your homework, narrow your choice down to three reputable commercial movers to get estimates on how much your move will cost. Make sure to inform them of any obstacles, such as elevators or stairs at your current office and your new one, or if you have heavy equipment. Better still, have the company do an on-site estimate at both locations.

Keep in mind that the cheapest estimate isn’t necessarily the best one, but having estimates done will give you a better idea about the moving company and the services it offers.


4. Get everything in writing and ask more questions

To nail down the costs of your business move, make sure you understand all the deposits and fees by having your moving company provide everything in writing. Ensure, by contract, you will be able to move your office or business on the specified date in the time agreed upon. Also state the size and value of your items being moved and by whom.

If your commercial movers offer packing, get it in writing who will be providing those services as some companies hire out. Find out how those packing services will be coordinated (colour, number coding) so that you can easily find your items at the end of the move. It also doesn’t hurt to enquire if the moving company offers storage services in the case something unexpected arises.


4. Make sure you have adequate insurance

All moving companies are required by law to have insurance to cover the basic costs of the items being moved. However, it’s important for businesses to make sure they have comprehensive coverage, as likely there will be highly fragile and expensive items, such as computers, being transported and the base coverage will not be enough. Find out the eligibility requirements and make sure you are insured properly.


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