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Moving Checklist: 5 Most Commonly Forgotten Tasks in a Last Minute Move

Cleaning or moving a stained glass window is one of those tasks we sometime forget to put on our moving checklist when making a last minute move.

Cleaning or moving a stained glass window is one of those tasks we sometime forget to put on our moving checklist when making a last minute move.

The house of your dreams has finally become available and you are busy purging and packing your belonging before your last minute movers arrive. With such frenzied activity, it’s easy to forget to pack or attend to a few important tasks.

Pulling the carpet back not only reveals dust bunnies, but you may find that errant earring that went missing five years ago, and you could find other lost treasures by checking your attic or crawl space.

Here is a moving checklist of 5 other commonly forgotten tasks that people make when moving last minute.


1. Kitchen confidential

Just when you think you’ve got all your pots and pans, dishes, cutlery and appliances neatly stuffed in boxes… there still is one kitchen drawer that people often forget to check – the one in your oven. And it’s no wonder. It’s usually the place where you store that long forgotten baking sheet or pie tin. However, since many of us leave our oven behind when hiring house movers, it’s a good idea to clear out your oven drawer. And if you’re a good Samaritan, you’ll also give it a thorough cleaning.


2. Unplug and play

This is one of those last minute moving tips that will save you from pulling your hair out when it comes to installing your electronics at your new home. Before moving your TV, computer, modem, speakers, etc., take a photo of how your cables are set up at the back of each unit and then coil and label your cables accordingly using masking tape.


3. No pane, no gain

It may be a pain, but giving your old home or apartment a proper cleaning before you move is not only courteous, it can help in getting back a damage deposit or from hearing any complaints from the new owners. However, we often forget to clean certain “implements” in a home, such as the ceiling fan, or that one particular type of window that we often look at, but avoid touching.

A stained glass window can be a selling feature in a house and so should be attended to. When washing a stained glass window, do not use an ammonia-based glass cleaner as it can damage the filler compound used on leaded glass. Instead, use warm water and a pH-neutral soap. If you want to take your stained glass window with you, contact your packers and movers to see if they offer specialty moving services.


4. Post-it notification

You may not want to pay your bills, but it’s always a good idea to notify the post office with your address change as soon as your moving date is confirmed. That way you will get your annual birthday card from your Aunt Betty along with the notification that your car insurance payment is due. It’s also a good idea to give your new address to the utility companies (phone, gas, hydro…), your municipal office (if you own your home), as well as any magazines that you subscribe to about your address change.


5. Store it for later

Often when you have to make a last–minute move you don’t consider if all your belongings will fit in your new abode. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to see if you can arrange storage sooner than later. Some moving companies offer storage as part of their packages. Storage comes in handy if you need to paint or have a time period in between when you have to move out of your old place and into your new place.

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