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Make a Summer Move Less Stressful

Booking last minute movers is one of the first steps in making a summer move less stressful.

Booking last minute movers is one of the first steps in making a summer move less stressful.

Summer can be a busy time to make a move and the thought of packing your belongings while everyone around you is at the beach relaxing may not sound like your idea of fun.

However, there are ways to make the ordeal less stressful, especially if your move involves hiring last minute movers who can make the transition that much easier.


Here are some ways you can make your last minute move in the summer virtually stress free:


1. Hire Last Minute Movers ASAP

In a last minute move, especially in July and August, don’t try do it all by yourself. Hiring a reputable moving company, such as Bekins Moving and Storage, one of the Kelowna moving companies that specialize in last minute movers, is one way to cut the stress by more than half.

Knowing that you will have professionals handling the heavy lifting when temperatures rise will be a cooling relief on your psyche and enable you to get ready for the next step…


2. Pick a non-holiday as your moving date

We all know how busy the summer months can be, especially when it comes to traffic on the roads. If you are moving across town, or to another community, try to book your last minute movers for a mid-week move rather than on the Canada Day, August, or Labour Day long weekends. Have your movers arrive at the crack of dawn, if possible, to avoid the stress of overheating with a late-morning/afternoon move.


3. Prepare before packing

Getting ready for a move is about so much more than packing. Now that you have booked your last minute movers, it’s time to let everyone else know about where you are going. After notifying your friends and family, update your address at your work, post office, bank, and other important outlets.

This is also a good time to make an inventory list of what belongings you wish to bring with you, and start getting rid of the things you won’t be taking. Purging is one of the best ways to relieve stress.


4. Hold a packing party

Even if you have prepared ahead of time, the physical action of packing your belongings can be tedious and exhausting. This is where help is imperative. Do not shy away from asking for a hand, whether from friends, family, neighbours or workmates. One idea is to hold a packing party. Provide each of your guests with a list and a room of items to pack. After everyone is finished, you can all congregate outdoors for some provided snacks and refreshments, along with your deepest gratitude.


5. If all else fails, hire a packing service

Summer can be a hard time to pin people down to help you with your move. Just like your last minute movers, you may also want to hire packers.

First check with your moving company to see if they have a professional packing service, or if they are associated with a reputable company.

Most packing services will send a representative to your home to ascertain the costs as well as the time it will take to pack your goods.

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want moved. In most cases, packers will be able to take apart your furniture and apply protective packaging around your precious goods, so you have more time to relax before the big day.


For more information on making a move less stressful, read our blog: Lessen the Burden: 3 Ways to Prepare for Last Minute Movers.


Bekins Moving and Storage is one of the moving companies Kelowna trusts to handle all their last minute moving needs, no matter what time of year. Our professional packers and movers can arrive a few days before your moving date to get all of your belongings packed and ready for your move, so you can enjoy the rest of your summer in your new home.

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