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Tips for Making your Move with Commercial Movers as Easy as 1-2-3

Commercial movers are equipped to make your move to a new office or business an easy transition.

Commercial movers are equipped to make your move to a new office or business an easy transition.

Moving a group of people—and all of their office ware—is no easy feat. Commercial movers need to be equipped to be able to move an entire office or business with ease and to any location.

Bekins Moving and Storage has experience in moving more than 500 businesses. In October 2016, Bekins Kelowna helped more than 800 employees from 10 different offices of the Interior Health Authority move to their brand new office in downtown Kelowna. Those employees needed to be ready before their commercial movers did the heavy lifting.

Are you planning an office move or a business relocation?

Here are some helpful moving tips on what you need to arrange and organize before you get a professional moving quote from your commercial movers:


1. Hire your commercial movers sooner than later

Just like your deadline at work, it’s best not to leave your move to the last minute. It doesn’t hurt to book your moving company at least two months in advance. In an emergency, such as a flood, your commercial movers should be able to offer you last minute moving, but for a large move where time means money, it’s best to plan ahead.


2. Get out the donation boxes

Start to sort the office equipment that you will need at your new location from that old, redundant copier that has been sitting in the storage room for the past five years.  Many charities will accept used office equipment such as computers, copy machines, printers, and phones, so have a few donation boxes on hand. You can also receive a tax break if you donate to a certified and registered charity.


3. Be extra careful with electronics

If you are doing the packing yourself, wrap all fragile equipment such as computer monitors in bubble wrap or heavy blankets.  Place all chords and USP cables in Ziploc bags with your computer equipment. Remove printer cartridges, and seal any lids or covers with duct tape.


4. Put your stamp on everything

Make a list of all the office equipment you will be moving and then start to organize it by category. Mark and number all your boxes clearly and on all sides so that it is easier to place items once the move is completed. Numbering boxes and correlating them to your list will help you track your items easier after your commercial movers make their delivery.


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Bekins Moving and Storage offers a range of moving services such as delivery, pick-up and basic installation of equipment and safes for fast food restaurants, convenience stores, retail stores and medical centres. We also offer commercial storage and can supply specialized equipment such as crane trucks to deliver large and heavy items anywhere.

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