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Moving Long Distance vs Local: What’s the Difference?

Compared to relocating locally, moving long distance requires additional planning to ensure clients’ needs are fully met.

Compared to relocating locally, moving long distance requires additional planning to ensure clients’ needs are fully met.

Most Canadians understand the basics of moving. You pack your things, you move your things and then you unload your things. But getting your belongings from Point A to Point B becomes a little more complex when they have to travel:

  • Long distances
  • Across borders
  • Overseas

This is one of the primary reasons why homeowners are encouraged to seek out professional long distance movers when the relocation takes them further afield.


Moving Quotes

Calculating the cost of a move within Canada typically incorporates the weight of goods you want to transport, plus the distance those goods will travel. This allows long distance moving companies to account for things like:

  • Driving time
  • Fuel costs
  • Vehicle wear and tear

However, international long distance movers will sometimes base moving quotes on the volume your goods take up. This is because your goods might be loaded into a shipping container (usually in 20- or 40-foot lengths) for overseas transport on a cargo ship.


Destination Services

For moves within British Columbia, moving companies like Bekins Moving & Storage have the resources to handle each stage of your move, including:

Packing services: packing, wrapping, crating and loading your goods

Transportation: we have our own fleeting of moving trucks and drivers

Destination services: Bekins staff will handle the unloading of your goods

For long distance and international moving, providing destination services becomes more challenging. Long distance movers often partner with van lines that have the transportation networks needed for hauling goods right across the country.

Additionally, companies like United Van Lines have more than 150 affiliate moving companies across Canada. This makes it easier to coordinate destination services so that clients know they’ll be taken care of on the other side.

Moving overseas adds yet another wrinkle to the process. Your moving company will need to coordinate destination services with a company in the country you’re moving to, which comes with challenges, such as: 

  • Finding a moving company you can trust
  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Addressing differences in moving policies

This is why it’s a good idea to find long distance movers that have a proven track record in international moving.


The Waiting Game

Moving locally is a relatively straightforward process. If it’s within the same city, you can often expect to have your goods loaded, transported and unloaded all in the same day. If you’re moving to another city within BC, you might have to wait a few days for your belongings to arrive.

However, when it comes to long distance moves, Canada is a BIG country. It might take several weeks for your possessions to arrive. It’s a good idea to plan for this scenario, otherwise you might be without some of your key items while you wait.

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If you’re looking for a Kelowna mover with the knowledge and equipment to handle any type of move, call Bekins Moving & Storage. From local to commercial to international moving, we can manage any job.

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