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Office Movers Insight: The Benefits of Office Relocation

Using office movers to relocate your company will ensure you’re up and running quickly in your new environment.

Using office movers to relocate your company will ensure you’re up and running quickly in your new environment.

As professional office movers, we help all kinds of companies relocate to new facilities. And once they’re set up comfortably in their new digs, the typical response we receive is something like: ‘Wow. Why didn’t we do this sooner?’

Part of this is due to complacency. It’s easy to accept the status quo, even in the fast-paced world of business. Companies are constantly evolving, and from time to time, it’s a good idea to stop and evaluate your current office arrangement:

  • Is it big enough?
  • Does it feature the amenities my business needs to be successful?
  • Is it in a good location?

If it doesn’t check each of these business-critical boxes, it might be time to begin researching moving companies that specialize in commercial moving services.


Growing Companies

Perhaps the most obvious candidate for office relocation is a company that has outgrown its current environment. This could refer to:

  • Available office space for employees
  • Warehouse/storage capacity
  • Production capacity

If you have to tuck office workers into broom closets, or if you have to constantly shuffle equipment and materials to fit work, it can have some significant consequences: 

  • Productivity will take a nosedive
  • Production quality will suffer
  • Employee satisfaction will decrease
  • Office esthetics/appearance will diminish

Relocating to a more suitable location is likely the best option in the long run. You might suffer a temporary setback during the move, but hiring professional office movers will minimize your downtime. For more commercial moving tips, read: Kelowna Movers Offer 5 Tips for a Smooth Commercial Move.


Opportunity Knocks

Sometimes, a company might not even be all that interested in moving, but if a prime real estate location opens up, the owner might decide to pull the trigger if it’s too good to pass up. As the adage goes: location, location, location!

Again, the short-term pain will be far outweighed by the long-term gain, especially if you’re moving from an inferior location to one where you’ll enjoy increased exposure.


Buying in

Another example of how office relocation can benefit companies is one where you go from leasing to owning your premises. This might not be important to all businesses, but for the ones that require control over what they can and cannot do in their building, ownership definitely provides more operational freedom.

Other perks of owning your building include:

  • Build equity with your facility
  • Easier to expand or renovate
  • Increased company pride and stability


Build Your Own

The ultimate dream for many businesses is to operate in a purpose-built facility. If you can secure a plot of land and build from the ground up, you’ll be able to plan your office or production facility to align perfectly with your operational requirements.


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