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One For All: Moving Companies Can Help You Pack, Store, Move and Unpack

Don’t hurt your back. Look for the kind of moving companies that offer all-in-one services.

Don’t hurt your back. Look for the kind of moving companies that offer all-in-one services.

In today’s world, one-stop shopping is the way to go. Need your groceries and a new ottoman? There’s a store for that! That same way of thinking can be applied when you are moving to a new home.

Moving often equates to stress, but that’s where the right choice out of a selection of moving companies can help alleviate some of the burden by offering all-in-one moving services such as packing, storage, and unpacking to make your move an easy transition.

Start by searching out moving companies Kelowna residents recommend, which offer all the services you need with just one call. Then get them to do an on-site assessment and estimate of what you will need packed and moved.

Here are some of other one-stop shopping moving tips:


Leave the packing to the pros:

Don’t have the time to individually wrap all your Waterford crystal or properly box up that state-of-the-art audio system? Professional movers and packers are equipped with all the right tools and the know-how to make sure your fragile belongings are packaged safely for transport.

You should be able to leave all your moving needs to the pros, or if you prefer to do most of the packing yourself, choose from moving companies that can handle just those difficult-to-pack or fragile items.

Your items should not only remain intact for the duration of your move, but they will stay organized once delivered, with proper handling and labelling.


Make sure you have all these bases covered first:

If you are packing yourself:

  • Prepare a checklist of what you will be moving and from what room
  • Make sure your boxes and other containers are all properly labelled
  • Clearly mark which boxes contain fragile items

If you are using professional packers:

  • Make sure you get rid of any items that you don’t need to bring the total weight down
  • Write down a complete inventory of all your possessions
  • Establish a no-pack zone if you have some items which you will be packing and moving yourself
  • Be aware of any dangerous items that may corrode or explode


Store up for a move:

If you are selling and/or buying a home, setting up an exact moving date can be a tad tricky. If you need to get items out of your home quickly, see if your movers offer storage.

Some moving companies offer short-term storage, where they will pick up your items and place them in a storage container to hold for up to three months until your move-in date is settled.


Time to unpack:

The time has come and your move-in date is set. It’s time to consolidate all your efforts and leave the heavy lifting up to the professionals.

However, the work isn’t done once you arrive at your new home.

For those who have to start a new job or just don’t have the time to unpack, moving companies that offer professional unpacking services can be a saving grace. Besides organizing and putting away your items, your house movers should also include furniture assembly and box/packing material removal.


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