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Budget for Your Commercial Move: What You Need to Know

Commercial movers have the experience to execute an office relocation with minimal disruption to your operations.

Commercial movers have the experience to execute an office relocation with minimal disruption to your operations.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or relocating your company to gain a competitive advantage, hiring commercial movers will help your office relocation go quickly and efficiently. To ensure you budget for this endeavor properly, and to keep costs to a minimum, here are a number of moving tips we think you’ll find handy.


Get Onsite Moving Quotes

Get your movers (and packers) onsite to provide a personalized quote. This is the only way to get an accurate estimate and avoid unforeseen costs.

Some commercial movers will offer over-the-phone or online estimates, but without seeing your office premises firsthand, how could they possibly provide a precise valuation? They can’t.

Also, it’s worth the time and effort to obtain quotes from multiple movers in Kelowna. If you receive any estimates that seem suspiciously low (or inordinately high), you’ll have other options.


Determine the Scope of Your Move

To establish a realistic budget, your commercial mover will need to understand exactly what you want moved, and in what order. Some of the questions your mover will ask include:

  • How many staff members are moving?
  • What equipment, files and furniture will need to be moved?
  • Which business operations need to remain functional during the move?
  • What are the key moving deadlines?

Explaining this in detail will allow your moving to develop a comprehensive moving plan that mitigates disruption and minimizes costs through increased efficiency.


Utilize Staff Resources

Your staff members can be of great use during an office relocation. It’s a good idea to assign a manager who will coordinate with your movers on each end of the move and ensure things go smoothly. Also, you can task your employees with packing up files and office equipment that won’t be required until after the move is complete.


Restoring Your Old Office Space

As part of your current lease conditions, you’ll probably have to restore your existing office space to avoid penalties. Be sure to relay any instructions to your mover so they can reinstate the premises to the required condition.


Dealing with Old Office Equipment and Furniture

There are a number of reasons why it might be more convenient to purchase new equipment for your new office: 

  • Furniture is in poor condition
  • Equipment is outdated
  • Doesn’t fit the new office space 

However, in addition to the expense of buying new equipment, you’ll also have to pay to dispose of anything you don’t bring with you. There are a couple of potential cost-saving measures you can consider:

  • Bring it with you and repurpose it
  • Sell it to another company
  • Donate it


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