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Go Green With These 5 Tips From Your Kelowna Mover

Pack and move using sustainable methods with the help of our Kelowna movers.

Pack and move using sustainable methods with the help of our Kelowna movers.

For many, moving house can be a time-consuming endeavour. All that planning, packing, cleaning and physical labour can take up a lot of energy. Moving can also take up a lot of resources from fuel to materials, which can be harmful to the environment. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow our Kelowna mover tips that offer resourceful and sustainable ways you can reduce waste and save time, and money, from a move.


1. Use Reusable, Recyclable and Compostable Packing Materials and Containers

Some of the materials we use for packing fragile items, such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, are not exactly healthy for the environment. Some of these materials also cannot be recycled in blue box programs in the Okanagan. You can avoid these packing materials by finding reusable or other recyclable items in your home that can cushion breakable items.

This includes:

  • Wrapping your dishes, glassware, mirrors, etc. in clothing, socks, tea towels or large pieces of fabric such as bath towels and curtains
  • Using newspaper to fill in the spaces in your moving boxes
  • Cutting down on boxes by placing items in dresser drawers, laundry baskets, storage bins, duffel bags, suitcases and other reusable containers
  • Sealing boxes by folding the top flaps or using compostable paper tape instead of plastic tape


2. Organize and Donate Unwanted Items

Before packing and transporting your belongings to your new home, you should first figure out what you want to keep and what you can get rid of by making a moving checklist. Avoid the landfill by selling and donating your unwanted items. In Kelowna, there are a number of places that can help you clear out items such as used furniture, books, lightly used clothing, toys and more.

They include: 

  • Buy and sell sites on Facebook
  • Free classified sites such as Kijiji and Castanet
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters ReNew Crew
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Charity thrift shops such as the Salvation Army and the Mission
  • Consignment stores
  • Value Village


3. Recycle Hazardous Materials

If you find yourself with half-empty paint cans, disinfectants, batteries, pesticides, solvents, cleaners and other hazardous materials while getting ready for your move, see if you can recycle them through a BC government sanctioned program such as ReGeneration. You can check out the products they accept on this list.


4. Donate Your Boxes

When you’re done with your move, see if you can donate your boxes to other people who may be moving or recycle them. You can also check to see if your moving company in Kelowna can either reuse or recycle your boxes for you.


5. Save Energy by Hiring House Movers

We’re not just talking about your physical state of being, but you can really save on energy if you hire professional movers in Kelowna to do your moving for you. Avoid multiple trips and save fuel by using a one-stop mover with a large truck to handle all your belonging. Not only will you be helping Mother Earth, but you’ll also be saving your back in the process. 


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