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How to Help Your Kids Cope with Long Distance Moves

Throwing a fun farewell celebration for your kids is a good way for them to say goodbye before embarking on a long distance move.

Throwing a fun farewell celebration for your kids is a good way for them to say goodbye before embarking on a long distance move.

Long distance moving can be an exciting time for people of all ages. It’s a chance for a fresh start and new adventures. However, it also means leaving friends behind, which can be difficult for children.

To help ease the process, parents and guardians need to consider their children. That means setting aside your moving checklist and making time for them. Here are a few ideas that might help.


Be Open with Your Children

Sometimes long distance moving is inevitable. Whether your employer transfers you to a new office, or you need to move out of town to help an ailing family member, sometimes you don’t have a choice.

The moment the possibility of moving becomes reality, have a talk with your children. Keeping it from them will worsen the issue, as they’ll have less time to prepare for the event. In your conversation, it’s a good idea to:

  • Explain why the move is necessary
  • Listen to their concerns
  • Be encouraging and reassuring

Also, talk about where you’re moving, and pump up your new home to see if you can generate some enthusiasm. There’s no need to burden them with unnecessary details, such as which moving company you’re using, unless they’re genuinely interested.


Let Them Say a Proper Goodbye

If your kids have lived in the same town their whole life, they’ve probably made some good friends. It can be difficult to say goodbye. To ensure they get a proper sendoff, throw them a party so they can have fun together one last time.


Encourage Them to Stay Connected

Given today’s technology, it won’t be hard for your kids to stay in touch with friends from home. If anything, they’ll have figured it out quicker than you. Whether they use Skype, FaceTime, text or an old-fashioned phone call, your children can easily keep up on the latest local gossip and share their experiences of living in a new town.

As a novelty, you could even get your kids to send postcards to friends and family from their new town.


Be a Tourist in Your New Hometown

One way to get your kids interested in their new hometown is to go out and explore it. Even before you move, you could sit down with them and research the top attractions and things to do in the area.

Upon arrival, and as a reward for having dealt with the difficult undertaking of moving, you could treat them to some fun family outings.


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