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Squeaky Clean: Long Distance Movers Offer 3 Tips for a Spotless Move

Prevent breakage by packing your mirror and other fragile items with proper packing materials supplied by your long distance movers.

Prevent breakage by packing your mirror and other fragile items with proper packing materials supplied by your long distance movers.

It may be hard to believe, but moving doesn’t have to be a messy business. By being well prepared for your long distance movers and doing a little before-you-move-in cleaning, you can make the transition a little easier to bear.

If you’re looking for Vernon moving and storage, why not hire Bekins and use our tips for a spotless move:


1. Spill the Beans, Not Your Liquids

There is a lot that can go wrong when transporting liquids and loose items. From laundry detergents to liquid soaps and food items such as flour, sugar, ketchup and cooking oil, make sure that your items don’t leak by: 

  • Siphoning half-empty soaps or detergents into one plastic bottle or container
  • Sealing all lids on tightly with duct tape around the crease for extra protection
  • Placing all loose items such as powders into zip-lock bags
  • Covering the holes on salt shakers with masking tape
  • Removing liquids from and/or discarding unnecessary glass bottles
  • Getting rid or donating food items you no longer need


2. Break Your Bad Habits, Not Your Glass

Whether it’s that special bottle of wine you have been saving since your wedding day or your grandmother’s antique mirror that has been passed down to you, you will need to take extra care in preparing fragile items before your mover arrives.

  • For transporting bottles, try to find wine boxes with handles for easy transport. Wrap the bottles in newspaper and bubble wrap and then use packing peanuts, so there are no open spaces in between the bottles when placing them in the box. 
  • For mirrors, tape the item using masking tape in a criss-cross X pattern from corner to corner in case of potential breakage. Wrap mirror in with packing paper, seal it with tape and place in a specialty mirror box filled with packing peanuts. 
  • For glass items, such tabletops and lamps, try removing the glass from its base and then wrap it in padded blankets and secure it with stretch wrap.
  • For stemware, china and chandeliers, wrap each piece individually using plain packing paper, use bubble wrap for extra protection, then place in the box and fill in gaps with packing peanuts and crumpled paper.

See if any of these packing materials are available from your moving company.


3. Clean out the Cobwebs Before Your Movers Arrive

Not only is it necessary to clean your old place, especially if you are a renter, it really helps to clean your new home before your long distance or last-minute movers arrive. It will really help to clean the carpets and vacuum the floors before all your furniture and boxes take over the space. While you’re at it, make sure to do a thorough cleaning of the bathrooms, sinks and appliances such as the fridge and oven, which may have been overlooked by the previous residents.


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