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Moving Tips: How to Keep Your Pet Happy During a Spring Move

Show some love to your pet by following our moving tips when making a spring move.

Show some love to your pet by following our moving tips when making a spring move.

Anyone who has ever moved house knows all too well how preparing for the big day and starting out at a new location can cause high levels of anxiety. Those same feelings can double for your pet. Whether you are the proud owner of a feline, canine, rodent, avian, fish, arachnid or reptile, read our moving tips on how to best prepare your pet for moving day, what type of transport you should consider, and how you can acclimatize them once you’ve arrived at your new location.    


Preparing your Pet Before Moving

Creatures of habit, both dogs and cats can experience high levels of stress when their daily routines are disrupted. This anxiety can be felt as soon as you start packing and can cause your pet to experience issues such as malaise, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and other health concerns. That’s why it’s important to consider your pet’s stress levels before your packers and movers arrive. 

To do this, make sure to maintain your pet’s routine and try:

  • Playing with your pet
  • Taking them outside for their daily walk
  • Keeping mealtimes regular
  • Placing them in a quiet and safe space when strangers such as house movers or realtors are inside


What’s Needed During a Move?

There are a few things you should do to make sure your pet is transported safely and kept calm during a move. It’s also important that your pet is kept out of the way when your choice of moving companies arrives.

If you are moving within Kelowna or to another location accessible by road, make sure you have:

  • A proper carrier or container
  • Safety harness and leash if your pet is mobile
  • Enough food and water to last a week, so you don’t have to go through your packed boxes
  • Plastic dish or bowl
  • Waste bags and some kind of cleaning agent with cloth in case of accidents
  • Blankets and your pet’s favourite toy
  • Treats

If you are travelling a long distance, across the border or by air, make sure to have credible veterinary documents showing specifically what vaccinations your pet has had. Note: your dog will need to be at least 12 weeks old or over and have its rabies vaccination a month before entering the US.

If you are travelling with an exotic or large pet, look for special pet transport moving services beforehand and do your research on what specific requirements are needed. For example, if you are moving a bird, you’ll need to place them in an acceptable cage and include a cover and plenty of food and water.


Acclimatizing Your Pet to Its New Home

Once moving, there are ways to acclimatize pets to their new surroundings. Start by taking them on a tour of their new home. Show them where their bed will be kept. Bring your cat to its litter box a few times, especially after its nap. Keep up with their daily exercise and play routines, and make sure they are contained inside or in a fenced yard if they have a propensity to wander.    

For more moving tips, read our blog on Making a Last-Minute Move with Pets.


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