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Long Distance Movers Canada: How to Protect Your Collectibles

Consumers should look for reputable movers that do an in-person consultation and evaluation.

Consumers should look for reputable movers that do an in-person consultation and evaluation.

Whether it’s a 1956 trading card of Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson, an antique china dinner plate set, or a set of Star Wars action figures, it's essential to protect collectibles to maintain their value. So what happens when you have to move? Use this how-to guide to keep your collectibles safe while cleaning, packing, moving, and storing them using long distance movers in Canada.


1. How to Clean Your Collectibles

The best way to clean your collectible for a move is to use as few acidic chemicals as possible. Avoid solvents and abrasives and use warm distilled water and mild soap along with a micro-fibre or cotton cloth or swab to remove dust, dirt, and stains. Make sure to use a separate cloth to thoroughly dry items before packing.  


2. How to Pack Collectibles the Right Way

Don’t let the head busting off your grandmother’s antique doll break your heart. Packing collectibles properly before a move is the best way to protect them from damage.

After cleaning your item, place it in its sturdy box and use only acid-free packing materials such as: 

  • Tissue and packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Good quality packing tape (avoid placing the adhesive backing directly on your item)
  • Labels that indicate the items are fragile

If your collectible is still in its original box, wrap the box in acid-free paper and then place it into a larger moving box with the appropriate packing materials to keep it from shifting.


3. How to Move Your Collectibles

Look for a moving company that offers specialty packing and moving services. Some moving companies in Kelowna, such as Bekins Kelowna, offer specialty packing and moving services, where fragile and breakable items are packed by professional movers using their own supplied packing materials. Those moving long-distance may also want to consider using a wood crating service for large and fragile collections such as sculptures, antique lamps, glass figurines, taxidermy, and more.


4. How to Store Your Collectibles

If you have some time before your move and need to store your collectibles in the interim, a moving company that offers moving and storage services is your best bet. Make sure to pack your collectibles as you would for a long-distance move. Look for movers that offer a temperature-controlled storage facility or warehouse to protect your collectibles from moisture, direct sunlight, rodents, insects, and excessive heat.


5. How to Unpack and Display your Collectibles

Once your collectibles are delivered, move the boxes close to where you wish to have them displayed. Make sure nothing is distracting you and take your time to unwrap each piece. Dust and polish them with a soft cloth before they go on your shelf or display case.


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Are you looking to move or store your antiques and collectibles? Bekins Kelowna Moving and Storage’s professional packers and movers use the utmost care to ensure your belongings are safe before and during transport. We also offer an on-site, temperature-controlled, and secure storage facility. Contact us for more information and a free estimate.

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