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Moving Checklist: Do’s and Don’ts on Staying Cool During a Big Move

Keep your cool while moving house in summer by using our moving checklist.

Keep your cool while moving house in summer by using our moving checklist.

Have you ever tried to pack and move your belongings in the middle of summer? Moving is especially sweat-inducing when temperatures reach the mid-30s°C, as they do in the Okanagan. Prevent overheating, and your belongings from melting by following our moving checklist of 5 do’s and 5 don’ts to stay cool during a big move.


1. Leave the heavy lifting to professional household movers. This will not only save your back but your inner-core temperature.

2. Drink lots of water and wear a hat! Prevent heat exhaustion when packing or doing any type of physical activity by keeping your fluids up and wearing sun protection and loose clothing, especially if you plan to be outside or in a non-air-conditioned space during your move.

3. Pack all perishable items in a cooler bag or chest. This includes dairy, produce, and meat from your fridge, freezer items, pet food, medicines, cosmetics, wine, and other household items that can melt or spoil in extreme heat.

4. Defrost your fridge/ freezer before you move it. This will prevent flooding while your appliances are in transit.

5. Protect your electronics — laptops, flat-screen TVs, game consoles— photos, paintings, and other items by getting your house movers to move or store them in an air-conditioned or climate-controlled vehicle or storage space during your move.


1. Leave your pets or children unattended in your vehicle during your move. Cars become like an oven even on summer days that seem somewhat mild. The heat inside a car can overwhelm a child or pet’s ability to regulate their internal temperature, causing shock and even death.

2. Pack your plants. Instead, bring them with you inside your vehicle with plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

3. Leave your boxes or fragile items outside in the direct sun. Instead, keep them inside or in a shady, cool spot before your residential or commercial movers arrive to pick them up.

4. Work without a break. Along with keeping hydrated and wearing sun protection, make sure to take plenty of breaks to catch your breath in a cool space while packing or moving. 

5. Pack or move alone. Get the help you need by hiring professional packers movers who have the tools, equipment, know-how, and air-conditioned transportation and climate-controlled storage facilities to safely transport and look after your goods. 


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