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How to Move with a Newborn

And baby makes three. Bekins Kelowna can help you move with a newborn without added stress.

And baby makes three. Bekins Kelowna can help you move with a newborn without added stress.

With their little toes, fuzzy-haired heads, sweet smiles, and ability to sleep all day and be awake all night, newborns need all the care attention their caregivers can afford. Not only is having a baby a significant life event but so is moving. So what happens when you find yourself having to move house while caring for a newborn? Our moving company in Kelowna offers some tips and things to keep in mind to help you and your baby stay safe and happy before, during, and after a move.


1. Put Aside These Baby Essentials 

Before you start packing your baby’s nursery, there are a few items you’ll want to put aside and keep at hand before your house movers arrive. They include:

  • Infant car seat
  • Bassinet 
  • Baby carrier or stroller
  • A portable high chair if the baby is sitting upright
  • Diaper bag filled with diapers, bottles, bottler warmer, breast pump, changing mat, bibs, disposable bags, toys and other necessities
  • Baby’s birth certificate/passport if you are long-distance moving 


2. Hire Packers and Movers 

“Many hands make light work.” There is no more correct sentence when it comes to moving with a tiny baby. You’ll want to free up your hands thoroughly when it comes to preparing and packing your belongings for a move. 

One way to alleviate the burden of moving is to seek out a moving company that offers various moving services — content packing and unpacking included.  This way, you can attend to your newborn while your packers and movers attend to everything else.


3. Seek Out a Sitter 

With people coming and going, our attention span tends to wane when it comes to moving day.  Trying to keep track of everything you need to do while giving your baby full attention can be near impossible. To alleviate the stress, see if a trusted family member or close friend can babysit your newborn on your moving day so that you can focus your attention on the tasks at hand.


4. Baby-Proof Your New Home 

Before you settle your baby into your new home, ensure their safety by always supervising them and conducting a thorough house inspection. Ways to baby-proof your new home include:

  • Looking for and removing all small objects from floors and easily reached areas
  • Attending to tripping hazards by taping down rugs, carpets, etc.
  • Placing sliding gates across open stairwells
  • Making sure all heavy-standing furniture and appliances are secured to walls/floors
  • Placing window blinds, curtain and shade cords high off the ground
  • Enclosing all exposed electrical sockets
  • Placing safety locks on cupboards and closets containing hazardous materials
  • Properly assembling and installing baby furniture such as cribs, playpens, and high chairs


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