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4 Reasons to Choose Professional Movers over Your Friends

Posted on December 21, 2016

Enlisting your friends to help you move might seem like a good idea, but there’s no comparison to using a team of professional movers.

Enlisting your friends to help you move might seem like a good idea, but there’s no comparison to using a team of professional movers.

Good friends are hard to find. You know them because they’re the ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help out in your time of need. However, when it comes to moving house, hiring professional movers to handle the grunt work is often the best way to go. 

Perhaps the best reason for this is that it takes a lot of careful planning to move your possessions from one point to another. It might seem like a simple process, but moving is anything but. Even if it’s in the same city, it helps to have the assistance of professionals who do this for a living.


  1. Time and Efficiency

There are only so many hours in a day, and on moving day, every second counts. For all of their good intentions, your friends likely won’t know the most efficient way to carry out each aspect of a move. This includes:

  • Packing boxes
  • Loading a moving truck
  • Staying organized
  • Estimating timelines

The moving companies Kelowna residents recommend invest in employee training so that they instinctively know what has to happen, and in what order. As a result, your moving day will go much more smoothly.


  1. Damaged Possessions

Let’s say your friend is helping you carry your flat-screen TV out to the moving truck. He accidentally drops his end and the TV breaks as a result. What do you do? You can’t really get mad at him because he’s only trying to help. At the same time, you’re going to have to fork over some money to replace it.

In addition to your possessions, you have to worry about protecting your surroundings as well. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it would be easy to: 

  • Gouge a wall with the corner of a desk
  • Knock over art, shelves and other furniture
  • Scrape the floor by dragging a heavy object over it

Situations like this can lead to awkward moments and can place tension on your relationships. One way to avoid this is to hire moving and storage professionals instead.


  1. Stressful Situations

When people attempt to move on their own, they often underestimate the amount of time and effort it requires. If you’re already in over your head, dragging a friend into the mix likely isn’t going to help matters. When you’re in an agitated state, it’s easy to say things you might regret later.


  1. Returning the Favour

The great thing about having friends help you move is that they’ll work for pizza and beer. Just be prepared to return the favour when it comes time for your friends to move.


To learn more about the challenges of moving on your own, read: Kelowna Movers Explain the Pitfalls of a DIY Move.


Hiring professional movers is the safest way to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. To ensure your goods are protected, call Bekins Moving and Storage.