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4 Ways a Moving Company Handles Personal Property with Care

Posted on May 14, 2017

A moving company is equipped to handle your personal property, such as a hot tub, with care.

A moving company is equipped to handle your personal property, such as a hot tub, with care.

When it comes to moving personal property, you need a moving company that can handle your hot tub, piano, pool table or large appliance with care.

In the real estate world, there is terminology that differentiates what type of property you leave behind in a sale, and what you take with you.

Real property includes the items or appliances, such as an oven, washer or dryer, you leave behind as part of the sale of your home.

Personal property includes the items you take with you when you move.

It’s up to the homeowners to decide what they want to leave behind or take with them, but for those with personal property, it’s wise to book a moving company that offers specialty services. That way your hot tub, large appliances (oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer), and fragile cargo (piano, pool table) will make it to their destination in one piece.


Here are 4 ways a moving company handles your personal property with care:


1. Loading the deep freeze

You’ve just invested in a state-of-the-art, super deluxe ice-making refrigerator and now you have to move. Do you leave it behind, or take it with you? If you can’t part with your large appliances, your moving company can help. But first, your assistance will be required. All major appliances should be properly disconnected before the mover’s arrival and fridges and freezers should be defrosted, cleaned and dried to prevent water leaking. Your specialty movers can arrange third party moving services to disconnect and prepare appliances for shipping and connect appliances at their destination.


2. Safe keeping your hot tub

If relaxing in your hot tub after a long day’s work has been part of your daily routine, you shouldn’t have to give that up when you move. Hot tub movers prepare your hot tub for moving, including proper drainage, safe electrical handling, and using a crane truck to move it to and from your deck or balcony. They can also hook your hot tub up in its new location, so you can go back to relaxing after you move.


3. Fine tuning your piano

When moving such a precious commodity as a piano, you don’t want to roll over Beethoven in a way that can be damaging. Your specialty piano movers will have all the appropriate equipment, such as skids, straps, dollies and ramps, to move different sized instruments without losing a key. These include:

  • upright pianos
  • grand pianos
  • baby grand pianos
  • concert grand pianos


4. Cueing up your pool table

It’s hard to believe a pool table would be part of real property, but with the size and weight of most pool tables, some homeowners decide to leave them behind with the sale of their home. You don’t have to with specialty moving services. For a long distance move, your moving company will disassemble your pool or billiards table and crate it or protection. On arrival, the table can be reassembled and re-felted if necessary.


For more information on how to protect your piano during a move, read our blog on Piano Movers Give Tips for Protecting Your Instrument.


Bekins Moving and Storage is one of the moving companies Kelowna trusts with handling your personal property items. We offer specialty moving services such as large appliance handling, and are the movers Kelowna hires to handle their hot tub, pool table or piano with utmost care. Contact us for a free estimate or more information.