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5 Moving and Storage Tips for People with Pets

Posted on October 14, 2016

When planning your moving and storage schedule, be sure to make the necessary arrangements for your pets.

When planning your moving and storage schedule, be sure to make the necessary arrangements for your pets.

If you think moving is challenging for people, imagine what it must be like for your pets. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, and when you disrupt their routine it can upset them. When planning your moving and storage schedule, it’s a good idea to take extra measures to ensure their comfort.

From your pets’ perspective, moving doesn’t make much sense because:

  • Their owners are more stressed than normal
  • There are boxes and clutter everywhere
  • There are strange people coming and going

As one of the premier moving companies Kamloops homeowners recommend, here are some helpful hints and reminders that will ease the process.


  1. Book a Vet Appointment

If it’s been a while since Fido last went to the vet, this is a good time to arrange a checkup. That way, you’ll know:

  • They’re fit to travel
  • Their vaccinations are up to date
  • They have the necessary certification for international travel

Also, if your pet gets sick while travelling, your vet can recommend medications or techniques to keep them calm.


  1. Learn About Your New Location

In addition to looking up a new vet, you’ll also need to learn if there are any pet restrictions, such as dog licenses, in your new location. If you’re moving into a rental or strata property, there will likely be guidelines you must follow (pets must be on-leash etc.)


  1. Update Dog Tags

When you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of moving and storage, it can be easy to overlook this small, yet important, detail. Yet, pets are more likely to become lost if they wander off in unfamiliar surroundings. This is why it’s essential to update their collars with your new contact information.


  1. Moving Day

There will be a lot going on during moving day. To keep them safe, it might be best to either send your pets to a friend’s place or board them in a kennel until you’re done. And once you’re ready to move to your new location, the best option is to have your pet travel with you. This allows you to:

  • Make sure they’re comfortable
  • Ensure they’re fed and watered
  • Give them frequent exercise

If you’ll be flying with your pet, make sure you make the necessary arrangements with the airline and that you’re carrying all of the necessary travel documentation.


  1. Upon Arrival at Your New Home

It’s important to let your pets become accustomed to their new surroundings. For felines, that means keeping them indoors for a few days before letting them venture outside. For canines, it means leashed walks around the neighbourhood.

It’s also a good idea to keep their favourite toys, beds, blankets and treats on hand to help them feel more at home.


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