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5 Moving Tips on How to Pack your Belongings like a Tetris Pro

Posted on August 30, 2017

Plan, pack, and coordinate your boxes like a Tetris pro by using these moving tips.

Plan, pack, and coordinate your boxes like a Tetris pro by using these moving tips.

It’s an unusual source to get moving tips from, but if you’re looking to pack, organize and stack your belongings in a neat and timely fashion, you may want to look at the game of Tetris.

For those not attuned to the gaming world in cyber land, Tetris is a tile-matching video game that was developed in the 1980s by Russian designer Alexy Pajitnov. The game has undergone various revamps over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how it helps its users fit and organize things in the same way you would fit pieces into a puzzle.

These tips are especially handy if you’re hiring local or long distance moving companies and need to be frugal with your packing.


1. Make a game plan

When it’s time to pack, it’s best not to go hog wild and throw every item you see into a box. The urge to cram will not win you the game. Instead, think about what you really need, what you want, and what will fit at your new location then start pulling the pieces together. It doesn’t hurt to make a list of the essentials and purge everything else like that broken hair dryer or the couch that is losing its stuffing. Keep it simple.


2. Get double player points

Don’t leave all the packing to do on your own. Extra hands make light work, and it’s always a good idea to have multi-players—make that packers, on the scene. Make sure they know who the top player is – coordination is key, as even the strongest at up stacking will need help so the pieces don’t fall.


3. Build your box

Imagine packing your box as a Tetris player stacks tiles by following these steps:

  • See how the shapes fit together and can be placed within the box
  • Stack your items as flat as possible to allow for more space and to increase stability
  • Avoid any gaps that will make your items shift
  • If packing clothes, roll them into tight cylinder shapes and place them in the box upright to save space


4. Adapt the colours of Tetrimino

Pretend your boxes are Tetriminoes – the game pieces used in Tetris usually grouped as four colour coordinated boxes. Start by applying coloured markers, labels or packing tape to the opposite sides of your boxes to indicate which room they belong in or as to their importance, i.e. green as most important, yellow as not as important, and red as not important. Colour coordinating also helps your household movers know what should come out of the truck first.


5. Don’t say game over, leave the packing to Bekins

Maybe Tetris isn’t your game at all. Don’t feel bad. If you’ve run out of time or are just plain fed up, Bekins Moving and Storage are the local and long distance movers Canada trusts to get you organized and on your way. Our professional packers and movers are schooled in content packing, content unpacking and for stacking boxes and loading our trucks like a champion Tetris player.

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