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5 Moving Tips on How to Protect Large Furniture Pieces When Moving

Posted on September 19, 2019

Use our moving tips for safely moving items such as hot tubs, and get back to relaxing

Use our moving tips for safely moving items such as hot tubs, and get back to relaxing

Have you ever wondered how the heck you’re going to move your hot tub from A to B, without damaging yourself, the hot tub, and everything in its way? While we suggest you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, there are some things you can do to protect your large furniture and items such as hot tubs and pool tables by using these moving tips.


1. Call the Professionals

We can’t emphasize how important it is to not lift heavy furniture on your own. The damage to your piece and your body can be irreparable. If you are not able to find a team of Olympic weightlifters to help you, seek out professional movers in Kelowna who have the specialized equipment, training, and know-how to move large objects without having to pump iron.


2. Dust and Clean

To prevent scratches and other damage, make sure to give all your furniture a good cleaning before your movers arrive. Dust all surfaces and remove any grime or stains. Inspect items such as wooden furniture and mattresses for signs of pests such as termites, bedbugs, or carpenter ants, which can not only damage your furniture but can infest your new home.


3. Dismantle Furniture

While some assembly-style furniture can be dismantled with the use of an Allen key, the trick is to make sure you still have the owner’s manual, so that reassembly doesn’t become an unsolvable puzzle. Empty and remove drawers from desks, dressers, and china cabinets, and take the legs off of tables. Also, remove knobs, handles, and casters where possible. However, we recommend that you do not dismantle electrical appliances or intricate items such as pianos on your own. Instead, contact your professional movers for help.


4. Install Sliders

Made with an adhesive backing, apply sliders to the bottom edges or underneath the legs of large furniture pieces such as couches, dining room tables, chairs, and large bedroom pieces so they can be easily glided across the floor. This is especially helpful when you rearrange the furniture in your new home. A rule of thumb: plastic sliders are best for carpet, while felt sliders work for hard flooring.


5. Apply Padding

Prevent your furniture from being gouged, broken, or ripped by applying padding or using special packing materials to items made from or that contain wood, glass, upholstery, and other fragile materials. Contact your moving company to see if they have any specialized packing materials such as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Padded blankets
  • Packing paper
  • Specialty cardboard boxes for mirrors
  • Carton or wood crating services for heirlooms and antiques
  • Mattress and upholstered furniture covers


For more moving tips, read 8 Things to Do Before Moving Day.


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