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5 Tips to Reduce Dust When Decluttering

Posted on October 02, 2019

Use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove dust from your carpets and floors before your packers and movers arrive.

Use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove dust from your carpets and floors before your packers and movers arrive.

Moving can be a dirty job, especially when you uncover objects that haven’t seen the light of day since the millennium began. Besides all the decluttering, cleaning, and packing, preparing for a move can also trigger allergens. Caused by pollen, dander or dust mites, dust can be found just about anywhere in your home, and when disturbed can cause your eyes to water, skin to itch, and in the worst-case scenario, respiratory distress. Reduce the dust before your packers and movers arrive by using these tips:


1. Know Where Hidden Dust Lurks

While some allergens such as mould love dark and damp areas such as in your basement and attic, dust can be found in places you may not automatically think about. When decluttering and cleaning, make sure to check: 

  • Under furniture and appliances
  • Inside your dryer vent and filter
  • On curtains and blinds
  • Along baseboards and door frames
  • Atop ceiling fans
  • Inside throw pillows, upholstery and mattresses
  • On computer equipment and remotes


2. Wear a Mask

If you suffer from allergies, it’s important to wear a mask while you are sweeping, dusting, or even gardening or mowing the lawn. Most hardware stores sell disposable filter masks that will protect you from non-toxic dust.

However, if mould is found inside your home, it’s important to wear a respiratory mask when cleaning or call a cleaning professional if you suspect the mould is toxic.


3. Use a HEPA filter

Carpets and rugs are notorious dust traps, and usually, require a thorough cleaning before your household movers arrive. A High-Efficiency Particle Arrest or HEPA filter vacuum uses special fibres along with an electrostatic field that traps harmful particles such as pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. A HEPA filter air purifier can also be used to remove allergens from the more contaminated parts of your home.


4. Ditch the Feather Duster

Some dusters do little to keep dust a bay. The worst culprit is the feather duster, which actually releases dust into the air instead of trapping it.  Better alternatives include microfibre dusters, which can be safely washed after use, or electrostatic dusters, which use static electricity via friction to attract dust particles.


5. Use Dust Mite Encasings

If you plan on storing your belongings after you declutter, protect items such as bedding, mattresses, and pillows by placing them in micro-porous cotton and polyester covers. These encasings prevent dust mite dust from being released into the air, and will also protect your items while in transport or in storage from a dust mite infestation. Check to see if your storage and moving company offer protective covers for mattresses and other items susceptible to dust.


For more moving tips, read how to Protect Large Furniture Pieces When Moving.


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