• ekins Moving & Storage Kelowna: Moving Services Pro Tips

Retirees can rely on house movers to help them downsize from a larger home to a condo or smaller residence.

Kelowna House Movers: What is Downsizing?

If you’re an empty nester or just looking for a smaller, more manageable place to call home, let our house movers help with these downsizing tips.

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Consolidate your assets when moving in together.

The Couple’s Moving Guide

Learn how to avoid any lovers’ quarrels when moving in with your significant other.

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Faster is not always better when it comes to moving.

The Art of the Slow Move

Moving while using the Slow Movement philosophy doesn't mean that you have to move at a snail’s pace. Take time to do the job right by implementing our moving tips.

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Get your moving boxes packed as soon as you know your moving date.

Last-Minute Move Survival Tips

Has a sudden change in your moving plans left you in a pickle? Bekins Kelowna is here to help with our moving tips on how to survive a last-minute move.

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