Survive your first move by packing the essentials.

How to Survive Moving Out for the First Time

Your key to independence is just a few steps away. Use our moving tips to help you survive your first move unscathed.

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Involve your staff in the process of moving, but leave the heavy lifting to your office movers.

10 Furniture Moving Tips to Remember

As professional Kelowna movers, it’s our job to handle your belongings with the utmost care, but there are also some steps you can take to ensure your furniture arrives in one piece.

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Involve your staff in the process of moving, but leave the heavy lifting to your office movers.

How to Prepare Your Team for an Office Move

Office relocations don’t have to be a logistical nightmare when everyone is on board. Employ some of these steps in preparing your team for a successful move, and don’t forget our Bekins Kelowna office…

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And baby makes three. Bekins Kelowna can help you move with a newborn without added stress.

How to Move with a Newborn

Baby on board: Our moving company in Kelowna looks at ways to keep you and your baby safe and happy when moving.

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Do a happy dance by hiring a professional moving company in Kelowna to help you with your move.

How Much Time Does a Move Actually Take

We count down the months, days and hours it takes before, during and after a move. And don’t forget that time will be on your side when using professional moving and storage services.

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Save face by hiring a reputable Kelowna moving company.

How to Hire Your First Moving Company

First move? Bad experience with a DIY move? Read on to learn what you should look for when hiring a Kelowna moving company for the first time, and remember Bekins Kelowna is always here to answer your…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed here? Go to all FAQs or start a live chat.

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Our local moving company in Kelowna offers numerous payment options for our local moving and DIY local moving services. This includes certified cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Visa debit, or Mastercard Debit.

Bekins dispatch will call and/or email you your Bekins Moving crew's arrival time three (3) business days before the service date(s).

Yes, for a price, we can provide materials and boxes. Bekins Kelowna carries a complete line of high-quality, competitively priced packing supplies, including specialty packing cartons for mirrors, TVs, and more. Contact us if you have additional questions.

Any items that are not packed into cartons may be wrapped in furniture pads/blankets by our professional moving staff to ensure they are protected.

Before our professional moving crew provides any packing and/or moving services, the floors will be protected with floor runners.

As we do not accept liability for damage to your plants, we ask that you move all houseplants yourself.

Take pictures and document the damage on the work order with your Bekins’ crew leader. Please also notify Bekins’ head office of the damage once your move has been completed.

Liquids can freeze and/or explode due to temperature and should be moved by yourself. Bekins Moving & Storage Kelowna does not accept any liability for liquids damaged in any way or for any damage caused by your liquids to other items.