There are many apps that can help keep your moving and storage checklist organized.

Apps that Can Help with Your Kelowna Move

From the moment you decide to move, to when you unload that last box and call it a job well done, there are ways in which you can use modern technology to your advantage.

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With proper planning, downsizing to a smaller home can be a rewarding experience.

Seniors and Moving: How to Ease the Transition When Downsizing

Many seniors are moving to the area from places like Alberta and the Lower Mainland to enjoy their retirement years.

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An accurate stock count will help your commercial movers transport your goods efficiently.

Business Move: Get Your Stock from A to B

If you’re planning on relocating your business or warehouse, the first order of business is to ensure you have an accurate stock count.

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A little preparation can help you keep pets safe and secure when moving.

Making a Last Minute Move With Pets

Animals don't understand the intricacies of rental agreements and they don't cope all that well with change. Our moving company in Kelowna has come up with some useful tips and tricks to keep pets calm while moving.

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