Our Vernon movers have a number of tips for cleaning and maintaining your favourite wooden belongings.

Moving Tips: How to Best Clean Wooden Household Items

Whether it's your favourite wooden salad bowl or a hidden antique clock that you rediscovered in the attic, these tips can help you clean and protect these items.

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Sending your kids to summer camp will let you and your movers get down to work.

Moving Last Minute with Kids

To help with the moving process, we've come up with a few strategies that can not only help you deal with kids during a move, but also put their services to good use.

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A business merger can often require long distance moving services in order to integrate equipment and personnel.

What Not to Pack for Your Long Distance Business Move

Merging companies can be an exciting venture, but it’s not without its challenges. Consider these simple steps to streamline the process of a commercial move.

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Move your closet in one fell swoop by keeping your clothes on their hangers for your last minute movers.

Last Minute Movers Suggest 5 Hacks for Packing in a Rush

Have you had to book last minute movers to move your home or office? Use these packing hacks to get you on your way with ease.

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