Prevent breakage by packing your mirror and other fragile items with proper packing materials supplied by your long distance movers.

Squeaky Clean: Long Distance Movers Offer 3 Tips for a Spotless Move

Avoid any messy mishaps. Prepare your items for your long distance movers and get cleaning using these tips.

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A container service is one option long distance movers have for moving clients overseas.

How Bekins Handles Worldwide Long Distance Moves

The process of an international move is much more complex than a domestic one, and it requires a unique combination of skills, resources, experience and networking.

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Hiring piano movers is one way to alleviate a lot of stress and strain from a move.

Moving Tips: 5 Unwieldy Objects During a Move

Sometimes, it’s not just the size or weight of an object that makes it hard to move. Some specialty items, such as pool tables and hot tubs, have fragile components that require extra consideration.

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Maintaining clear communication with your client base is essential when embarking on a commercial move.

Customer Service During a Commercial Move

Keeping your customers in the loop of any changes will ensure they know what to expect, which can mitigate the chance of dissatisfying them as you embark the relocation process.

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