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Moving alone to a big city doesn’t have to be scary when you know where to turn.

How to Handle Moving to a Big City Alone

Filled with endless possibilities and excitement, we offer some big city moving tips that will make you feel more like Carrie Bradshaw than Little Orphan Annie.

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Rejoice that your belongings have arrived safely by using our moving tips.

20 Bekins Kelowna Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

New roof over your head? Take a look at our moving checklist and deck your halls, walls and rooms with these essential household items.

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Make sure your potential roommate is compatible with your needs and wants before you start packing and moving in.

How to Screen a New Roommate, Before Moving In Together

Roommate wanted: We look at ways to vet potential roommates before moving in, so you can live happily together.

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Show your pet some love by protecting it when in transit with our moving tips.

Moving Tips: How to Move Safely with Unique Pets

Wondering how you are going to move with your pet snake, budgie, tarantula, or goldfish? Read our moving tips on how to safely move with unique and exotic pets.

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