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Bekins Kelowna Guide to Understanding Moving Costs

Posted on November 22, 2018

Moving costs are best calculated from the back-breaking work you will save yourself from by hiring professional movers such as Bekins Kelowna.

Moving costs are best calculated from the back-breaking work you will save yourself from by hiring professional movers such as Bekins Kelowna.

Whether you’ve been planning your move for months, or you just learned about a relocation, a moving budget is essential to your peace of mind. Once you understand moving costs, it allows you to focus on the other details of your move.  Often, the lowest-priced bid is only part of the whole calculation. Here, Bekins Kelowna suggests 4 considerations when looking at your moving budget:


1. Doing it yourself could cost more 

It’s tempting to get a few friends and a pickup truck to try moving your possessions on your own. Until one of your friends drops your TV. And you put your back out, having to miss two weeks of work.  And your well-meaning friend accidentally scrapes the wall, thereby forfeiting your damage deposit. By hiring professional movers in Kelowna, you get professional results. You save money because your possessions, your home, and your body don’t get damaged. It’s worth it.


2. Materials matter 

You need equipment to move a household. You need a truck, cargo dollies, protective mats, maybe sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and you will need muscle — your couch won’t lift itself. You could run around buying or renting the materials you need, or you could place one call to Bekins Moving and Storage, and let them arrange everything. You get reliable packing materials and equipment to ensure your possessions are protected.  


3. Time is not always on your side 

It’s the one resource we overlook until we really need it. Preparing to move, actually moving to the new destination, and unloading your possessions all require time. Done haphazardly, it can be a stressful nightmare. Done by Kelowna moving companies such as Bekins, it’s fluid and quick. You have time to focus on your family’s needs, and your own, as you make the transition to your new place. The time factor becomes crucial if you are relocating for a new job and are in need of last-minute movers. You want to start refreshed and ready, not overwhelmed and fatigued from moving.


4. Experience is the best reason for moving costs 

At Bekins, we are very proud of our experience! We’ve been providing smooth, seamless local and long-distance moving services since 1891! So we know how to get a box-spring through a narrow doorway. We can pack that mirror so it doesn’t get scratched. We know how to fill a moving van efficiently. And we know not to put the kitchen boxes in the bedroom, or vice versa.  With over 120 years of moving experience, Bekins is confident we’ve moved almost everything anyone could ever move!  Experience is an invisible cost-factor, but one that makes all the difference on moving day.


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Whether you’re needing local, long-distance or last-minute moving services, Bekins Kelowna has the right tools for the job. We offer a worry-free move with packing services and moving supplies from specialty boxes and cartons, wood crating services, protective wraps, tape, labels, as well as specialty equipment to haul large and heavy items such as pool tables, hot tubs, and pianos.