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Business Move: Get Your Stock from A to B

Posted on May 24, 2018

An accurate stock count will help your commercial movers transport your goods efficiently.

An accurate stock count will help your commercial movers transport your goods efficiently.

If you work in a retail or warehouse environment, you’re probably already familiar with some of the strategies that commercial movers use to transport stock from one point to another. After all, you likely send and receive shipments all the time.

The difference is (and it’s a big one) that moving companies in Kelowna are usually tasked with transferring the entire contents of your inventory at once, as opposed to dealing with smaller orders more frequently.


Know What You’re Sending

If you’re planning on relocating your business or warehouse, the first order of business is to ensure you have an accurate stock count. That means conducting a thorough inventory check, including items in your:

  • Retail space
  • Warehouse
  • Other locations

As you’re going through this process, ensure that items and containers are clearly labeled to show their contents. This will enable you to present your Kelowna movers with a precise list of items to be moved.


Establish a Packing Schedule

Commercial moving is a bit of a juggling act. On one hand, you want to ensure your customers have access to your products with minimal disruption. On the other hand, you want those same products to available as soon as you’re up and running at the new location.

To achieve this, you should develop a packing schedule that will instruct your commercial movers to pack the least important goods first and your most important items last. This will ensure that your customer service is unaffected.


Plan Your Route

To make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea to address any potential obstacles you might encounter on moving day. For instance, if you operate in a shared facility, make sure you: 

  • Have permission to use the elevators
  • Arrange for parking
  • Coordinate security to watch over unprotected areas


Develop a Layout

Before you move, take time to create a detailed floor plan that illustrates where your stock will be placed in the new location. This will ensure your inventory ends up in its proper place, and save you the hassle of having to move it more than once.


Storage Alternatives

If the prospect of moving your goods all in one go is a little overwhelming, or your new location won’t be fully functional right away, you can ease the transition by placing some of your inventory in temporary storage. This is a particularly useful strategy for businesses that deal in seasonal goods, or if you need a place to store older business documents.


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