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Commercial Movers: 4 Ways to Expand your Burgeoning Bakery

Posted on June 21, 2017

Hiring dependable commercial movers is just part of building the bakery, café or restaurant of your dreams

Hiring dependable commercial movers is just part of building the bakery, café or restaurant of your dreams

It’s been four years, and now your Kelowna pastry shop has become the hot spot for people craving your baked delicacies. They come from far and wide to get a whiff of the smoked bacon and maple-glazed doughnuts and to savour fruit-filled galettes.

It’s a good problem to have line ups outside your door, but not being able to appease all your customers could hurt your business. You’d also love to establish a full-service restaurant, bakery or café with seating area.

An expansion to another location could be the best way to solve the demand, but while finding an appropriate site is one thing, you also need to find commercial movers who not only can handle some serious lifting, but also can pack and store any purchased items you make until your move.


1. Start with the signature dish:

To begin, don’t waste time. Start looking for a location immediately as commercial real estate in Kelowna can be swallowed up quickly. Also start shopping for commercial movers who specialize in commercial moving and packing services. The more homework you do, the fewer problems you will have when the time comes to expand.


2. Cooked to order:

You’ve found a potential space, now it’s time to make sure it can accommodate your needs. You not only need to make sure the kitchen will fit your new six-burner gas oven, floor mixer and shelving racks, you also need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it accommodate a large service counter and display case?
  • Does it have appropriate bathrooms to service the public?
  • Will it meet the building codes needed to operate a commercial kitchen/restaurant?
  • Does it offer enough parking?
  • How much seating is possible?


3. À la carte:

The hardest part of expanding your business into a new location is setting up a budget that won’t break your bank account, starting with the cost of your lease/building purchase and business permits, purchasing inventory, furniture, and appliances, and then labour. Write down all your essentials at the top of your list, such as establishing the cost of commercial movers, and then write your wants on another list, and then weigh your costs. You may have to skip a few extras such as that fancy ceiling light fixture or that new state-of-the art espresso machine for less expensive alternatives.


4. Mise en place:

All the parts are in place: you’ve found the location, made your negotiations, set up your budget, received the loan, ordered your equipment, now you need to make the move.

It may sound easier than you think, but there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. You need dependable commercial movers to deliver your stock on the set moving date. If you’ve purchased some major appliances in advance, your moving company should be able to provide appropriate storage until your moving date, and then help install said equipment at the new location.


For more information on how commercial movers can be a part of your business expansion, read our blog: Tips for Making Your Move with Commercial Movers as Easy as 1-2-3


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