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Commercial Movers Offer 4 Tips to Get Your Business from A to B

Posted on April 16, 2018

Motivate your staff before your commercial movers arrive by arranging an energy boosting and healthy breakfast buffet or lunch.

Motivate your staff before your commercial movers arrive by arranging an energy boosting and healthy breakfast buffet or lunch.

Moving your business can be a tough decision to make. Actually making the move can be tougher still, especially if you intend to pull it off without the assistance of commercial movers.

For managers and owners, the thought of lost productivity to downtime is a legitimate concern. In order to minimize time wasted, and to help owners get the most from their move, we’ve come up with some helpful hints:


1. Assign a Supervisor

Once you have decided where, when, who, and what you'll be moving, assign someone to be in charge of the relocation. He or she will be kept to task by handling all the logistics such as: 

  • Keeping employees informed about the plans
  • Soliciting bids from packers and movers
  • Informing clients of the move
  • Making sure sensitive documents/materials are handled appropriately
  • Arranging team building days


2. Move in Stages

One tip that seems to have worked for many companies is to consider maintaining both spaces—the current and new one—for a short time, and moving machines and inventory on a staggered schedule to minimize the impact on the workflow.

To do this, it helps to look for the kind of moving companies that offer ongoing

moving services such as delivery, pick-up and basic installation of equipment, as well as storage for items that are not needed right away.


3. Coincide Team Building Days with Moving Days

Creating a successful and stress-free work environment is especially important when moving your business. Start by skipping the after-work pizza packing party and instead arrange a healthy breakfast or luncheon. This will better motivate your staff to pack their personal goods and communal areas during the day instead of everyone working into the late hours at night. 

Try coordinating some of these other team-building ideas with your move:

  • Do a culinary tour of your new neighbourhood
  • Bring in a yoga teacher to get everyone limber
  • Take one afternoon off to volunteer or go out in the community


4. Tell People And Update Your Contact Information

You will need to update your address on stationery, business cards, and your website. The most important (and usually the easiest and cheapest) thing to update first is your website. As with personal moves, you will need to notify the post office, your creditors, bank, etc. If you bill clients, be sure to tell them clearly to update their contact information for you, so payment is sent to your new address.

You should also spend time searching for your business online by name - you may find your business is listed in referral directories that will show old contact information that will need to be updated, too. Tip: Make a list of everyone you do business with and everywhere you advertise, so you do not forget to update something critical.


For more moving tips, read Budget for your Commercial Move: What You Need to Know.


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