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Customer Service During a Commercial Move

Posted on July 26, 2018

Maintaining clear communication with your client base is essential when embarking on a commercial move.

Maintaining clear communication with your client base is essential when embarking on a commercial move.

Effective communication is an essential component of customer service. When you’re preparing for an office move, maintaining an open dialogue with clients, industry partners and, of course, your commercial movers becomes even more critical. 

Keeping your customers in the loop of any changes will ensure they know what to expect, which can mitigate the chance of dissatisfying them as you embark the relocation process. This could include:

  • Changes to the service you offer
  • Expected downtime or delays
  • Relocation schedule
  • Progress updates


Don’t Jump the Gun

There is a big difference between deciding to move and actually moving. Before you make your big announcement and begin booking a moving company, make sure you’ve officially secured your new office space by completing all of the necessary paperwork and transactions. This will avoid potential embarrassment.


Get Your Customers Excited

You’re probably pumped to be moving into a new space. You want to communicate this change as a positive step that benefits not only your company, but also your clients. Let them know of any improvements they can expect, such as: 

  • More desirable location
  • Improved building amenities
  • Increased inventory or production capabilities
  • Better customer service


During the Move

As a Vernon moving & storage company, we understand that you’re bound to experience some operational challenges before, during and after the relocation. It is important to accurately relay any expected interruptions to your products or services to your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. This will allow them to make alternate arrangements. 

Operations are typically affected most on the actual moving day, as your equipment will be in transit.


Provide Status Updates

Thanks to social media, there are plenty of ways to maintain contact with your clients, and keep them apprised of your operational status during a move. Using your company’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, you can easily provide ongoing updates and relay other critical information. Emailing lists are another way of staying in touch with your clients, providing them with more in-depth information. 

Depending on the nature of your business, as well as the state of your new commercial space, it may take a while to ramp your operations back up to capacity. Keeping your customer base informed has several benefits: 

  • Lets them know what to expect
  • Keeps your business front-of-mind
  • Creates a sense of anticipation


Temporary Operations

Some companies choose to set up shop in a temporary location while their commercial movers oversee the loading, transport and unloading of their goods. This enables you to maintain operations and provide a minimal level of service, at the very least. 

In this case, it’s important to relay your temporary contact information to clients.


For more advice on office relocation, read our 5 Tips for a Smooth Commercial Move.


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