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Tips to help declutter before your last minute movers arrive

Posted on April 24, 2017

The KonMari method of decluttering and organizing means less to pack and maybe even lower fees for your last minute movers

The KonMari method of decluttering and organizing means less to pack and maybe even lower fees for your last minute movers

If you think there’s a chance the home you’re about to list will sell quickly and last minute movers are on the horizon, you might want to consider the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing your belongings.

In addition to the wonders it’s alleged to be able to do for your emotional wellbeing, decluttering also helps you pack more efficiently, meaning less for your last minute movers to move and maybe even cheaper moving quotes.

Author Marie Kondo writes about the KonMari method in her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

Here are 4 tips from the KonMari method that will help you declutter before you pack:


1. Purge by category rather than room

Trying to unload half of your kitchen, living room or bedroom all in one go can be a daunting task. Instead sort and then purge by category. Start with appliances, then move to books, and then clothing, and so on. That way you will find those similar items that are scattered around your house instead of just being confined to just one room. This will result in a more efficient way of packing the belongings your last minute movers will take to your new destination.


2. Follow a particular order

As we all know, it is easier to get rid of the items that do not hold memories or sentimental value. Sorting through old photo albums or letters first will hold you up from the task at hand. So get rid of that broken hairdryer and that tired looking rug first and sort through your sentimental items last.


3. Use the KonMari folding method

In her book, Kondo writes that you should grant your clothes—everything from sweaters to socks—the respect they deserve by touching, appreciating, and properly storing each item.

First edit your wardrobe to see what you wear the most. Then sort by type of clothing and then try putting similar colours together. Rather than laying items flat, try to fold them upright. The more folds there are, the less wrinkled the item will end up. You will also save space.


4. Ask yourself if the item sparks joy

This is the core idea in the KonMari method contained in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Kondo’s newest book, Spark Joy.

It may seem odd, but holding an object you own to see if it holds a special meaning or memory before you throw it away is a good way to decide whether you should keep said item or not. If the item brings you joy, keep it. If not, say bye-bye and bin it.


The KonMari method is one way to help you make packing for your last minute movers that more efficient. It will also save you time and money.

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