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Dos and Don’ts: When to Hire a Moving Company for a Last Minute Move

Posted on October 25, 2018

Don’t hurt your back while making a last minute move, instead hire a reputable moving company such as Bekins Kelowna to do the heavy lifting for you.

Don’t hurt your back while making a last minute move, instead hire a reputable moving company such as Bekins Kelowna to do the heavy lifting for you.

It can be like a dizzying rush of blood to the head when you find yourself having to move without much notice. A last-minute move can come on suddenly and can occur due to any manner of reasons such as a change of work, a lease closure, or a home purchase or sale. If you find yourself in a situation where you only have a month or even less to move your home or office, the worst thing you can do is think there is no solution. Instead, look into hiring a reputable moving company and follow these dos and don’ts when making a last-minute move:


DON’T Rush Headlong into a Move, Think First

The worst thing you can do is panic when it comes to a last-minute move. Instead breathe, and then make a moving checklist of things you’ll need to do first. If you know your new address, start by having it changed through your bank, post office, bill companies and other institutions. 


Do Leave the Packing Till Later

When finding out you have to vacate your home or office, don’t feel you have to go through your closets or filing cabinets right away. Your suitcases and boxes can wait, but if you do find yourself in a situation where you need to leave with little to no notice, you can always hire packers and movers to help, which leads us into our next point….


DO Schedule Last Minute Movers

This should be your first plan of action and one that you’ll especially need to arrange as soon as possible, especially if moving large objects or planning to travel any distance with children or pets.


DON’T Just Look for Lowball Moving Quotes

There is a danger when you look for the cheapest method of moving — often the quality and service are just not there and you find yourself in a lurch when the movers don’t show up, or your belongings don’t arrive in time or are damaged.


DO Get a Second Opinion

If moving to or from the Okanagan, you should shop around for reputable Kelowna movers. Look for testimonials via word of mouth or on review sites. Research the company to see if it is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Association of Movers, and the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. Then phone the company to get an estimate on ALL your costs.


DON’T Lift Any Heavy Specialty Items Yourself

Even if you think you can save money by doing moving large and heavy objects yourself, don’t. You will not only regret the damage it does to your back, but to your pocketbook if any damages occur. Instead, hire office movers to look after such items as industrial equipment and safes. The same goes if you have a pool table, piano or a hot tub. Movers with the right tools, equipment and packing materials have the training and skills to move specialty items the right way.


DO Purchase Insurance

It’s best to realize that accidents can happen, and so the best way to ensure your items will be covered is to purchase insurance. Some Kelowna moving companies only provide one type of insurance that covers the estimated value of your possessions, whereas, a company such as Bekins Kelowna includes not only Released Value Protection as part of its moving services, but you can opt to add Replacement Value Protection, so that if any item is lost or damaged during your move, Bekins will repair the item to its original condition or replace it at today's market price. 


For more information, DO read our blog on Customer Service During a Commercial Move.


Bekins’ movers in Kelowna have the right tools, equipment, and know-how for any kind of move. Look to use us when making a residential or commercial move or when needing local or long-distance services. We also offer last-minute movers and both short and long-term storage services at our Kelowna warehouse.