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Guide On When To Use Wood Crates For Your Move

Posted on January 26, 2022

Wood crates are the best way to move your items such as artwork, pianos, and grandfather clocks.

Wood crates are the best way to move your items such as artwork, pianos, and grandfather clocks.

There are many ways you can be innovative when packing your personal belongings. You can find boxes on market place, use plastic storage bins, load clothes in suitcases and laundry hampers, or use the old rushed way of throwing everything in your vehicle at the last minute. Professional movers have other ideas in mind, especially regarding high-value items and long-distance moves.

Wood Crating, Your Safest Option

Using wood crates is the best way to move your personal items. Does that mean everything you own or certain specialty items? Nathan, the owner of Bekins Moving Kelowna, has a method of determining what should be crated. With any potential customer, his team of professional movers performs a survey within the customer's home to see what items are being moved and what moving services are required. As the Bekins team assesses the customer's belongings, they will flag any items they feel are best to be crated. It is also about educating potential customers on the benefits of using wood crates, but Nathan says, "ultimately, it's up to the customer." 

Although, there is a long list of items that could be crated for a move, especially an international one, the most common objects are TVs, artwork, glass tabletops, pianos, and slate tops. Most of the time, it is about value, and it is recommended that high-value items (over $10k) be crated, and mid-value ($5k-$10k) it's optional. Value isn't always about the monetary value; many items hold a sentimental value and must be cared for. Nathan’s moving tip is that transporting TVs in their original packaging is the best option, even over a wood crate. 

Artwork is in the top three items that should be crated because of the many variables in transporting. The artwork owner needs to know what type of art it is. i.e., resin oil, watercolour, the type of frame, etc. The environment and climate have a dramatic effect on the piece, and for example, hot weather can ruin particular finishes.

The Process Of Wood Crating

When it comes to crating your belongings, Bekins typically does it the day before the move or the day of the move; the deciding factor is the value or frailty of an item — 99% of the time, they are packaged at the place of residence. All crates are customizable, so your things fit perfectly inside. Check with your local moving companies to verify their team has experience with wood crating and international moves. 

Particular items require a specialist to assist, and Bekins ensures they have those specialists in place. For example, moving a piano requires disassembling, so Bekins brings in a specialist to help with packing it and unpacking it at the destination.

Items are always at risk of being damaged during a move, and the further the distance increases the risk. Bekins always does a condition report before handling items. So, both parties know the condition before being packed up. In addition, they conduct a post-condition inspection to ensure the items are in the same condition as they were before being transported. There are situations where professional movers will let the customer know that it is not safe to move an item due to its fragile state. 

Whether moving across the country or overseas, using wood crates is the surest way to give you peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected. 

Bekins has years of wood crating experience, alongside international moves to over 30 countries. If you own valuable items, contact us today to learn more about the best way to transport them safely.