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Hiring Professional Movers For Specialty Items

Posted on May 05, 2022

Pianos are heavy and valuable. Don’t take any chances; hire professional movers.

Pianos are heavy and valuable. Don’t take any chances; hire professional movers.

We agree that moving is an arduous process that most people don't enjoy. A lot of planning goes into a big move, from getting moving supplies, packing, recruiting friends to help, and everything else that comes with it. The difficulty of moving increases if you own heavy, delicate pieces. To keep the stress levels to a minimum, hiring a professional movers company is always recommended. 


Pianos produce one of the most beautiful sounds globally, but with its beauty comes the pain of having to move them. Moving a piano is such a specific and detailed task that there are moving services that have found a niche market as piano movers. 

If you take on the daunting task of moving your piano, know that it isn't easy, and there is a massive amount of preparation ahead of time. A piano weighs between 300 and 1000 pounds plus and is usually one of the most valuable items. 

The most important thing you will need to move a piano is strength. Cue your mates to come in. Enlist them to help with the undertaking. Ensure you have the correct moving supplies, measure all exits and entrances, cover with bubble wrap, close the lid, and wrap the entire piano in bubble wrap. If you have a grand or baby grand piano, remove the legs. 

Hot Tubs

Who doesn't love soaking in a hot tub? The luxury of owning a hot tub is fantastic until you have to move it. Hot tub movers have the appropriate equipment to move your dreamy tub to your next home, like professional piano movers. 

Moving a hot tub isn't as big a deal as moving a piano, but it is still a significant job requiring multiple people. Start by draining the tub and disconnecting the power. Remove the lid for easy transport. Measure the moving truck you plan on using to verify your hot tub will fit. Finally, have a plan for the new place. Since you don't want to be moving it multiple times, make sure you have a spot picked out with a concrete slab that can support its weight and is close to where the electrical outlet is 

Pool Tables

Pool tables range from seven to nine feet and weigh 700 pounds plus. It can be challenging to move a pool table given the length, width, and weight; you should consider hiring movers to move this specialty item. Start by removing the legs and any other removable parts. Again, measure all doorways you will be passing through them. Wrap everything in bubble wrap and blankets, and get ready to move a heavy and awkward item. 


The design of safes is to be unbreakable and extremely heavy, so thieves can't remove the valuables inside a home. You are going against its purpose by moving it. Lighten the load for the big move; start by removing all of its contents and finding a safe place to store them while transporting the safe. Moving tip: consider renting a portable storage container to keep some of your belongings in while you move out. There is also the option of a storage locker, and if your items are temperature sensitive, consider a temperature-controlled self-storage locker. 


Art is probably the most irreplaceable item in a house. Any art that requires precision during a move is rare, delicate, and heavy. The material and paint, if not handled correctly, could be destroyed. Therefore, making it all the reason to hire professional art movers. 

Bekins Moving & Storage are the experts in the Okanagan for moving. Having solid industry relationships, Bekins can move your challenging items with the utmost care. To find out more about moving specialty items, contact us today