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Household Movers: How to Tackle a Large Move

Posted on April 15, 2020

Calculate how many boxes you’ll need to pack for your household movers.

Calculate how many boxes you’ll need to pack for your household movers.

One box, two boxes, three boxes full. One for the master bedroom. One for the den. And one for the little boy who has everything. Wouldn’t it be nice if moving was as easy as a nursery rhyme? The reality is typically the opposite, especially when it comes to moving items from a four bedroom-plus home or a large office. More than just stuffing items in boxes at random, a large move takes time and careful planning. If you are moving from a large home or business, use these tips and remember to book your household movers early.


Use Time on Your Side

You should start packing for a significant move at least two months before your moving date. Give yourself enough time to get organized with all that needs doing. If you are unable to pack within that time frame, use this moving checklist to deal with a last-minute move.


Divide and Conquer 

Before you start packing all and sundry, it helps first to divide the belongings you plan on moving from those items you no longer need or want. Go through each room in your home and make a pile of purged items you can give away, sell, or store. Leave the rest for the next step:


Calculate How Many Boxes You’ll Need to Pack

According to the moving app, the average amount of boxes needed to move a 1,700-to-2,000 sq. ft. home include: 

  • 42 small boxes
  • 36-47 medium boxes
  • 21-26 large boxes
  • 13-15 extra-large boxes

When looking at how many boxes are needed to pack each room, the average is ten small, eight medium, and five large packing boxes. However, each home is different. Other ways to determine how many boxes you will need for a large move include: 

  1. How many bedrooms are in the home
  2. How long you have lived at the residence
  3. How many people live in your home
  4. What kind of lifestyle you lead. Are there any musicians, readers, crafters, athletes, or cooks in your home? Will you need to pack extra equipment/items to support their hobbies?


Know When to Ask for Help

Do you lack the time or the resources to pack for a large move? See how your household or office movers can help. Moving companies, such as Bekins Kelowna, offer professional packing services. Bekins Kelowna movers and packers will arrive a day or two before your moving date and pack up all your worldly goods using only the best protective and sturdy packing materials and equipment. And best of all, they can do it in half the time!


See how Bekins Kelowna Moving and Storage can help you. Contact us for a free moving quote and ask us about our content packing and unpacking services.