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How Bekins Handles Worldwide Long Distance Moves

Posted on August 23, 2018

A container service is one option long distance movers have for moving clients overseas.

A container service is one option long distance movers have for moving clients overseas.

When it comes to long distance movers, there’s a big difference between a company that can move you across Canada, and one that can move you overseas. The process of an international move is much more complex than a domestic one, and it requires a unique combination of skills, resources, experience and networking.

It all starts with finding the right moving companies. Canada has several to choose from, and Bekins Moving & Storage is recognized as one of the best as it offers a full range of services and competitive rates. 

We also have plenty of experience in coordinating overseas moves, as we have successfully helped hundreds of clients relocate to more than 30 countries worldwide.


The Power of Networking

On our own, we don’t have the resources to pull off an international move. That’s why we’ve partnered with United Van Lines to enhance our reach and increase the scope of what we can manage. 

United’s international division, known as Mover One International, is one of the largest international networks of its kind. Here are some stats to back that up: 

  • More than 1,200 locations worldwide
  • More than 180 countries across the world (there are only 195 total)
  • Locations on six continents 

As you can see, companies like United Van Lines (along with competitors such as North American Van Lines) have networks in place to facilitate overseas moves. They allow us to connect with moving companies around the world and ensure your goods are handled professionally wherever you choose to relocate.

Like Bekins, the overseas moving companies we work with are affiliates of United Van Lines, and are expected to meet the same professional standards that we uphold. This allows us to recommend them with confidence.


It Goes Beyond Distance

Moving across Canada is challenging in its own right. In addition to the packing, loading and unpacking all of your goods, your long distance movers also need to plan their route to get your goods from Vernon to wherever you intend to call home.

However, it gets a little more complicated once you start to cross borders, or travel overseas. For instance, will you choose to send your goods by airfreight, or by a container service? Also, certain goods that are admissible in one country might be inadmissible in another. It’s important to know the difference.

Bekins can help you navigate the process of moving internationally by offering services for: 

  • Document preparation
  • Shipping coordination
  • Destination services

Through our United Van Lines affiliation, we can even help you with obtaining your visa, finding a place to live or learning about your new country.


For more advice on preparing for a long distance relocation, read our post: Kelowna Movers Offer 4 Tips to Streamline Long Distance Moves.


Take the stress out of your international move by choosing the long distance movers at Bekins. As an affiliate of United Van Lines, we have the resources and networking capability to relocate you virtually anywhere in the world.