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How Can House Movers Help You Survive a Remodeling Project?

Posted on December 14, 2016

House movers perform a number of services that help families cope with the disruption of a home renovation project.

House movers perform a number of services that help families cope with the disruption of a home renovation project.

So you’re finally getting that kitchen makeover you’ve been pining over for ages. You’ve got a renovation company lined up and they’re ready to come in tools-a-blazing. But have you thought about what your home life will be like during the remodeling process? It might be a good idea to have your house movers on speed dial, just in case.

To some, it might seem like a farfetched idea to actually move out of your home during a renovation. Yet, depending on the extent of work that needs to be done, it might not be as outlandish as you’d think.

Major home renovations can drag on for weeks, or even months, and they can be extremely disruptive:

  • Constant racket of tools banging and saws buzzing
  • Inhaling dust, fumes and other pollutants
  • Restricted access to certain parts of your home
  • Sharing your home with construction workers
  • Lack of temperature regulation due to open windows, walls etc.

Sometimes it’s just easier to make yourself scarce and give the renovation company free reign over your domain. Here are some examples of how Kamloops moving companies can assist you during this potentially trying process.


Onsite Moves

If the renovation is relatively minor, or it’s isolated to just one area of the house, it might not be worth moving out. You still might need to shuffle some things around to:

  • Free up space in the construction zone
  • Make your place more habitable
  • Protect cherished possessions from damage

Some people go so far as to designate a construction-free zone where family members (including pets) can escape they mayhem going on around them.

For particularly large items, it might be worth having specialized house movers come in to do the heavy lifting. This would apply to things you wouldn’t trust construction workers to move, such as:

  • Pianos
  • Pool tables
  • Safes

Moving quotes for onsite moves can be quite reasonable, as it doesn’t involve the added cost of transporting goods.

To learn more about the benefits of using professional movers for large items, read: 5 Reasons to Use Professional Kelowna Movers for Specialty Items.


Temporary Storage

For people who live in smaller homes, they might not have the space to shift their belongings around to make room for a renovation. Some Kamloops moving companies offer the use secure facilities where you can temporarily store your possessions until the renovation is over.


Temporary Move

If you’re going for a full-blown renovation that involves multiple rooms, or you’re adding on a whole new addition to your home, it might be best to move out temporarily. 

The most convenient option would probably be to rent a furnished suite. However, you still might want hire house movers to transport your key possessions to make your stay more comfortable.


From temporary moves to temporary storage, house movers can help organize your home for a renovation project. Call Bekins Moving & Storage to request a free no-obligation quote.