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How Getting Ready for Long Distance Movers Can Actually Be Good for You

Posted on February 14, 2019

It helps to say goodbye to the old and look to the road ahead when getting ready for long distance movers.

It helps to say goodbye to the old and look to the road ahead when getting ready for long distance movers.

You may be shocked to hear that preparing for a long distance move can actually be good for your state of mind and provide other health benefits. Along with the anticipation of moving to a new place, and all that brings, getting ready for your long distance movers can actually relieve stress. Not only does it help you treasure and reflect on old memories, it also helps you purge some of that dead weight that has been holding you back and make new lifestyle changes. Think of it as shedding off that restrictive cocoon and emerging as a butterfly ready to spread its wings.


Getting Rid of All That Stuff

Though it may sound like the title of a philosophical novel, purging your belongings for betterment is like peeling away at an onion to get to the useable parts. There are many proven benefits to getting rid or passing on some of your possessions. Especially helpful when you hire household movers, as it can lower your costs with fewer items to move, it also allows you to feel calmer. It’s been proven that when we have too much clutter, we tend to feel stressed or anxious.

To help you with your purge, it may help to use the KonMari™ Method, developed by Japanese author and organizing guru Marie Kondo, who is also the star of the new Netflix show Tidying Up. She gets her clients to hold each of their items to see if the said belonging “sparks joy”. If it doesn’t, then it may be a good reason to say goodbye.


Respecting Your Memories

Moving to a new location is also a time of reflection and gives us a chance to remember all that we are grateful for; family, friends and all those experiences that hold special meaning. Maybe it was the day your child took his/her first steps, or when your partner cooked up your favourite meal. Once we have cherished all that we have, it makes it easier for us to move on and create new experiences.  

When getting ready for your moving company to arrive, it may help to walk around your old neighbourhood and home, visit with friends, look at old photos, and share memories with those you love.


A Change Will Do You Good

While saying goodbye to your old home may be difficult, there’s always the bright side of looking to the road ahead. Long-distance moving offers you the opportunity to explore other avenues, meet new people, and make exciting lifestyle changes.

For example, if you are moving to Kelowna, you can enjoy a plethora of recreational opportunities from skiing at Big White to biking on the Kettle Valley Railway Trail to golfing at any number of award-winning courses to paddle boarding or boating on Okanagan Lake. And if you love wine, well you have your choice of more than 80 wineries to visit just outside your door. You and your new neighbours and friends may just want to start your very own wine tasting club.


For more information, read our Long Distance Moving Guide, with moving tips on How to Seek Adventure and Make New Friends.


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