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How to Handle Moving to a Big City Alone

Posted on September 16, 2020

Moving alone to a big city doesn’t have to be scary when you know where to turn.

Moving alone to a big city doesn’t have to be scary when you know where to turn.

New job? Starting university? Looking for a new adventure? Moving solo to the big city can be exciting, and a tad scary when you don’t know where to turn. Remember, you’re never truly alone. We offer resources and tips on how to navigate those city streets, meet new people, and tackle unexpected challenges so that you can look ahead. And don’t forget to hire a trusted moving company such as your friendly neighbourhood Bekins movers to make sure your items arrive in one piece!


Research Your New Neighborhood

Cities are often divided into districts and neighbourhoods. Before you hire packers and movers to transport your belongings to your new home, make sure you get to know the area you are moving to. Look for the:

  • Location of closest parks, recreational areas
  • Doctors and health clinics in the area
  • Nearby grocery stores, restaurants
  • Transport routes
  • Community centres and organizations


Embrace Alternative Transportation 

While you may want to bring your vehicle to the city for fun weekends away, you will save money and forgo traffic nightmares and becoming lost by looking for alternative means of transportation. 

Public transportation by bus and/or train costs much less than filling up your gas tank and is better for the environment. Most Canadian cities also offer bike trails and walking paths separate from the flow of vehicular traffic.

Forgot your bike? No worries. Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna feature bike-sharing operators. You can download an app, check out a bike (e-bikes included), and then return the bike to a designated rack when you’re finished riding.


Meet New People

Cities may be teeming with people, but it can still be hard to make new friends living alone. Some of the best ways to connect with others include:

  • Volunteering for a community or school organization

  • Joining a sports or recreational team/club

  • Signing up for a gym membership 

  • Getting involved with a community organization such as Rotary, Toastmasters, Newcomers, etc.

  • Joining the Chamber of Commerce or another professional networking group

  • Taking a class in dance, art, music, yoga…

  • Crowdsourcing a friend group online


Know Where to Go for Help

While loneliness can be one affliction of moving to the city, another can be those unexpected challenges. Know where you can go for help if security is an issue, or if you’re having problems with your new rental apartment. Many cities offer neighbourhood advocacy groups and support for those living alone. If unsure where to go, you can always visit your local community centre or ask a neighbour for assistance.


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