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How to Move Your Business Without Losing Your Mind

Posted on March 16, 2021

New office? Relocation? Scared that you’re forgetting something? Keep your head on by following these moving tips from Bekins Kelowna commercial movers.

New office? Relocation? Scared that you’re forgetting something? Keep your head on by following these moving tips from Bekins Kelowna commercial movers.

Rain, wind, snow, extreme heat. We’re used to having all types of weather here in the Okanagan, and it’s about to get even more unpredictable. According to a recently released report, Climate Projections for the Okanagan, we can expect hotter and drier summers, warmer winters, and more precipitation across the seasons. So what does that mean for the many people who will be moving in and out of Kelowna in the near future?  We need to be prepared. Bekins Kelowna moving company has some moving tips to help you prepare and protect your assets when moving in bad weather.


Pack for the Weather

Moving during a torrential downpour or snowstorm is never fun. However, you can avoid your belongings from becoming waterlogged If the skies decide to open when your moving van arrives. Use this moving checklist to waterproof your belongings when packing for a move: 

  1. Use waterproof containers for water susceptible items such as linens, artwork, books, papers/documents, photographs, etc.
  2. Line cardboard boxes with garbage bags or plastic liners before placing items inside
  3. Reinforce boxes with extra packing tape
  4. Label boxes that contain water susceptible items as fragile
  5. Wrap furniture in plastic, or ask your moving company if they sell waterproof packing materials such as mattress bags.


Do Not Leave These Items Outdoors

If you’re moving during a cold snap or in extreme heat, make sure you do not leave any of these items outdoors before your movers arrive or after they depart.

  • Electronics 
  • Appliances 
  • Wood furniture and furnishings
  • Musical instruments
  • Glass appliances and furnishings
  • Food items
  • Plants


Protect Your Floors 

Another problem when moving in bad weather is all the mud, dirt and water tracked inside. Protect your floors by laying rags or towels in high traffic areas and lay sheets down where the furniture will be placed. Avoid water damage by quickly towelling off any wet furnishings. Wear shoe or boot covers when stepping inside your new home or business. 


Use Professional Movers

There are several reasons why using professional movers will help you navigate moving during nasty weather.

  1. Professional movers and packers offer packing services that include protective packing materials.
  2. Professional movers in Kelowna have the know-how and equipment to get in and out of your home faster and more efficiently than doing it yourself.
  3. Bekins Kelowna movers have protective equipment, such as floor runners and shoe covers, to ensure your floors are protected during a move. 
  4. Our professional moving truck drivers know how to navigate the highways and byways in lousy weather.

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Trust the experts at Bekins Kelowna Moving and Storage for professional and secure long-distance and local moving services. We have the equipment, knowledge and materials to have you packed up, moved, and settled in all kinds of weather. Contact us for a free estimate.