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How To Use Mobile Storage

Posted on January 19, 2022

There are many uses for storage containers that go beyond moving.

There are many uses for storage containers that go beyond moving.

Mobile Storage Containers Aren’t Just For Moving; They Are Multi-Purpose

Storage units have been around for some time now and have grown in popularity. Originally self-storage units were primarily used when people had way too many belongings to fit in a house - or their home didn’t have a garage. The majority of storage lockers were located within a big lot with a privately owned company. As the need for additional storage grows, so does the type that are becoming available.

Mobile Storage Use

We’ve all seen those big metal storage containers, often referred to as sea cans, which used to be only used to transport things on massive ships around the world. These containers are available in multiple sizes and are used for many different reasons.

Make It Your Primary Mover

Gone are the days of hauling all your belongings into a moving truck and then to your new home to be unloaded in one day. Don’t get us wrong, that kind of moving still happens, but it makes “moving day” very stressful. If you’re moving, we highly recommend considering container storage rentals.

Renting a mobile storage container can be dropped off at your place at a time that works best for you and can be loaded at your convenience, eliminating the final rush that comes with moving. Add renting one of these to your moving checklist, and you’re one step closer.

Other Common Uses For Mobile Storage Containers

You don’t have to be moving to need container storage, some people rent them for different reasons and for varying time frames. As the housing market continues to rise, people aren’t buying houses; but updating their current homes. Having a mobile storage unit on your property makes it a lot easier than trying to renovate while your stuff is in the house. It’s also a great place to store additional tools that don’t have permanent storage in your shed or garage.

If you are selling instead of renovating, a storage container is great to keep your belongings safe while you stage your house for selling. When home buyers are looking at homes, they tend to be attracted to homes that aren’t cluttered and don’t contain a lot of the current owner’s personal items, as it enables them to imagine their life there. For that reason, a sea can is perfect.

As you can see, moving service companies are in high demand for portable storage rentals. In addition to the usages listed above, some industries like construction and landscaping use these handy units regularly.

The best part about having a mobile storage container; is that you are in control, and you have access to it anytime you need it. If you’re looking at renting a mobile unit, whether you are moving, need event storage, summer storage for your college student, or any other reason, contact Bekins Movers to get a moving quote.

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