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Ice To Meet You: Our Top 6 Winter Moving Tips

Posted on November 10, 2020

Use our moving tips to stay calm, warm, and collected when moving in the winter.

Use our moving tips to stay calm, warm, and collected when moving in the winter.

Do you think moving house in winter is hard? It used to be even harder. Over a century ago, Bekins original packers and movers had to brave brutal winter weather, with only a moving carriage pulled by horses to transport their clients’ goods. Luckily, we’ve come a long way since those days. Moving in winter actually has its advantages and is possible when you have help from your friendly Bekins Kelowna movers. It also doesn’t hurt that we now have interior heat inside our moving trucks to keep everything and everyone from freezing.

Read our top 6 moving tips to help you survive moving in the winter:


Book Your Movers Early

While you wouldn’t think it, winter can actually be a busy time to move, especially around Christmas and New Year’s.  For this reason, it’s essential to get moving quotes and book your movers as soon as possible.


Give Yourself Time to Pack

Finding yourself in a last-minute scramble to get your goods in their boxes is not going to melt the ice — it will just cause a flurry of worry. Make a moving checklist of all the things you need to do and start packing your belongings as soon as you book your movers. In the case of a last-minute move, see how Bekins last-minute moving services can help.


Protect Your Belongings From the Cold 

If your belongings are going to be outside for any period of time, or if you’ve booked a portable storage container, you’ll need to ensure that your items are protected from the cold. Glass and ceramic dishware, as well as battery-operated appliances and electronics, can sustain damage in freezing temperatures. To prevent cracks and other breakages, pad susceptible items in extra packing materials such as towels and blankets. Get your movers to place these items in the moving truck or storage container last to limit their exposure.


Clear Ice and Shovel Snow 

Nothing slows down a move more than an injury. Prevent slips and falls for you and your movers by making sure there is a clear path from your door to the moving truck. Salt or sand any slippery sections, and make sure all icicles are cleared overhead any entryways.


Stay Calm, Warm, and Collected

Snow waits for no mover. As winter weather is unpredictable, be prepared for possible delays due to slippery road conditions or highway closures. While your packers and movers will do their best to pack and load your belongings on the scheduled moving date, alternative arrangements may have to be made if the weather makes transport impossible. If you really need to be out of your home on a specific date, see how Bekins Kelowna can help with short-term storage services.


Prepare Your Own Transportation 

Your movers won’t be the only ones driving in winter weather. If you’re moving long-distance, make sure you and your vehicle are up for the task:

  • Check that your winter tires have enough tread. 
  • Carry chains over mountain passes. 
  • Top your vehicle’s fluids and don’t forget to add winter windshield washer fluid. 
  • Bring along a good brush and ice scraper. 
  • Include an emergency roadside assistance kit with a phone charger. 
  • Pack an overnight bag with warm clothing.


For more moving tips, read our Guide to Hiring Moving Trucks vs. Moving Companies.

Moving in the winter? See how Bekins Kelowna can help with local, long-distance and last-minute moving services as well as packing and storage services. Get started by contacting us for a free moving quote.