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It’s Time To Meet Ethan Beeler

Posted on June 27, 2022

Meet Ethan, one of Bekins dispatchers.

Meet Ethan, one of Bekins dispatchers.

Bekins Moving & Storage doesn't have teammates; they have family-mates, where everyone who works for the company is considered family. It's time to meet Ethan Beeler, who, through Kelowna being a small town, met Nathan, owner of the moving company.

Ethan originally moved to Kelowna from Edmonton to start his own business; unfortunately, it was at the time of the pandemic. Nearing the end of COVID, that unfortunate circumstance led him to an amazing opportunity with Nathan.

The Role Of Ethan

Ethan works alongside the warehouse team handling dispatch and operations. Working with movers and moving trucks, he handles incoming and outgoing requests with the warehouse. Throughout his time with Bekins, his role has evolved from local dispatching. Ethan now takes care of some scheduling and hiring and has expanded the region he dispatches for.

The Words Of Ethan

When Ethan was asked what Bekins Moving & Storage does, his answer was simple and to the point. He said Bekins is a moving services company that takes care of everything moving and storage related.

On top of asking Ethan what the local moving company does, he was also asked if he has a favourite memory. He said it was related to meeting Mike, the warehouse manager. He admits that Mike didn't say a word when they first met and knew Mike was unsure of him. Ethan's favourite memory isn't the day he met Mike but the day he "won him over."

Ethan's Appreciation for Bekins

There seems to be a common theme with all the family-mates regarding what they all appreciate about Bekins. Ethan is no different; it's the family dynamic of the moving company. He says he has never felt so supported personally and professionally by a company and the relaxed environment helps make Bekins the incredible workplace it is.

Does Ethan Have A Family-mate?

Another easy response for Ethan; without a doubt, Laura from the revenue department. He feels she cares for everyone above and beyond what she has to. Ethan also admires how much of an advocate Laura is for Bekins and the family culture they foster.

Bekins Moving & Storage is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and offers expert moving services for local, long-distance, and international moves. Contact Bekins today for a free moving quote if you need movers and packers, a moving truck rental, storage, or a full-service move.